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VLCTube : Not working on clean install.

Maybe your firewall was blocking VLC? discussion : Error 503 Service Unavailable

Thanks Jefferson, you're a life saver. discussion : why is this site still running

Seriously, just get the backbone for a good site up and running fast. We'll worry about things such as font design later. All of this nitpicking is discouraging any progress that needs to be made. Don't like the font? Make a script. discussion : Error 503 Service Unavailable

Works in Chrome, but not in Firefox. Strange... Scam Filter : no offense but...

Man, this Marti guy is a complete idiot. is obviously dead, idiots like Marti are way too emotionally invested in this website to admit it and it shows in their whining ramblings in any topic stating the obvious. Seriously, pull your head out of your ass, Marti. This site sucks now. Time to move on, and hopefully you stay here. It's amazing how you're so smart, yet so stupid. I'm guessing some sort of high functioning autism. Scam Filter : Let's begin brainstorming a new website...

Hey everyone, I'm not a very active commenter here. But I do come to this website daily because of how much the scripts here have changed my browsing experience for the better.

I am willing to help start a new website, a copy of this website's design, but implement a captcha system. I can do design work and can possibly help with a host. I plan on compiling all the popular scripts already hosted on this site and will do a crosspost/update of these scripts to the new website so that we can fully abandon this anarchy. We will need to make sure everyone is aware of the new website so that authors will begin posting there. We will also have to notify greasemonkey to add the site.

I would love to work as a team, with script authors and people who also want to see scripts grow in popularity. I do not want to make money from this website, I have yet to calculate the cost but I would like to keep it on a per donation only model. But I am guessing the community here is already full on adblockers like myself and likely probably pretty cheap. Which would probably explain the abandonment on this website. The admin here have no incentive to care, they don't seem to mind this website going as far south to its current installment. But I know there's many people in this community, whether it be script authors and users, who still care.

Thanks, and I hope to hear from people. Scam Filter : Taking it a step further

I agree. Thanks for this script, it's time we migrate to a better site. This website is barely functional, I can never install a script because of hosting errors. And it's full of spam. I only come here because there isn't any other option. As soon as there is one, I'm leaving here for good. I am willing to help be a part of the team if you need assistance. I can do some design work. The host shouldn't be that expensive considering that these are text files. Implement a captcha per post system and moderate daily. This site has clearly been fully abandoned, it's time we abandon it.


Unique Youtube Skin : Just wanted to thank the author for this amazing script!

Just thought I needed to express my thanks to the author of this script after many months using it. You have completely revolutionized my youtube experience and made it tolerable again. With this script, I can now use the full screen real estate along with scrolling comments on the side, dark or light color, and disable dash, this is the best script I have ever came by for youtube and on userscripts.


Unique Youtube Skin : Last update

You guys are awesome, this fixed the issue. So thanks for the topic as it was something I noticed as well, and thanks Roxz for the way to fix the script directly without stylish. You guys are good!!


YouTube Better Background : Can't download this script (error message inside)

Thanks to the author for the script, I wanted to try it out but I get this message when I click "install"

"Download error

could not parse script:
Ignoring @match pattern http*://* because
Error: @match: Could not parse the pattern."

I'll keep trying, it may be something wrong with's hosting server but I just wanted to bring it by your attention.



The Redirector : Question for Somini

Hi Somini, I noticed that you were able to achieve the redirection from mobile to desktop for youtube, I'm trying to achieve this with several other sites as well and am wondering if you can include these sites in your script?

Here's an example of what I have so far.

document.location.replace(document.location.href.replace('://[](', '://[www.').replace('://](http://www.').replace('://', '://[]('));

That code doesn't seem to work the way I want it too. Yours does for youtube, I don't know much about java so I was hoping you can help me.

Here's a list of the rest that I'm trying to get working:







I would appreciate your expertise if you have the time. It would help me and a lot of others if you can help with this. I will be sure to crosspost this on reddit, /r/tmobile specifically, where we are all trying to achieve demobilization.


The Pirate Bay Ad Remover : Suggestion

This is an excellent idea, however this code does not work for Firefox.


Youtube - Better Watch Page : Just wanted t osay thank you to Takato!

Seems like people are pushy and act like you're paid for this and you're their servant. I just want you to know this script has been a god send and I appreciate all the work you do. When I get paid this friday I will be donating. You need a beer or two for this.



Unique Youtube Skin : Strange issue with this script

This script works when I am logged off of youtube and am viewing a video. However, when I am logged on it doesnt work at all. Any ideas?


Unique Youtube Skin : Broken

It appears that youtube has changed their layout once again and has broken this awesome script. Just giving a heads up. And thanks to the creator of this script, youtube should hire you to do their design! Cheers!


FB Wall Manager : Facebook changed again.

No offense but that wiki site is the most unreadable site ever.


RedditHider : Seems broken in FF

This appears to be broken. It was awesome when it worked tho! =)


Move Reddit Buttons : Request

Awesome script!

I made a change so that it moves the hide to the side.

I was wondering, is it possible to upvote the link when I press hide? When I hide something it keeps coming back after a page refresh.