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Name Rating Posts Fans Installs Last Updated - more space for highlight source

Alters the highlighted source page for scripts to make it as wide as possible.

no reviews 5 5 295 Nov 28, 2007
Snapfiles Auto Freeware-only Search

Add the 'search for freeware only' checkbox to the search box on the front page and on freeware pages.

no reviews 0 0 561 Oct 2, 2007
Whirlpool Unsticky - Bravo Version

Unsticks the sticky threads in forum sections on if there has been a recent post

no reviews 0 0 137 Sep 17, 2007
WP Filter Groups

Allows you to select which group(s) you do not wish to see in a forum section.

no reviews 2 0 302 Sep 2, 2007

for people too lazy to cut and paste ;-)

no reviews 0 0 204 Aug 19, 2007
WP Ignore Users

Hides posts of specified user and posts quoting that user (same as the WP Spoiler script, except this works in every section)

no reviews 0 0 164 Jul 5, 2007
WLR for IE

A port to IE of Meat Sack's WLR script

no reviews 0 0 219 Jul 2, 2007
WLR for Opera (sans last read function)

A port to Opera of Meat Sack's WLR script. Note: this script has no "last read" function

no reviews 0 0 395 Jul 1, 2007
the quarter

Static version of JB's original script for IE users. It adds a small navigation menu to the top left of every page on

no reviews 3 0 228 Jun 9, 2007
WP Spoiler

Hides posts of a specified user and any posts that quote that user in the tv lounge on

no reviews 0 0 264 May 20, 2007
Remove exclamation marks from digg article titles

Removes exclamation marks from digg article titles

no reviews 0 1 455 May 19, 2007
Add Reddit Comments To Digg

Adds Reddit comments to Digg for the same article & allows you to submit comments to Reddit as well.

no reviews 5 1 462 May 10, 2007
Whirlpool T-Shirt Thread Checker

Checks for new posts in the T-Shirt thread -

no reviews 2 0 153 May 9, 2007
Whim Big

Make the WHIM text box bigger on userpages on

no reviews 0 0 360 May 5, 2007
Whirlpool Quick Quote for IE

A port to IE of JB's quick quote script. Adds quick-quote and whirlcode buttons to threads on for Internet Explorer users.

no reviews 2 0 310 May 4, 2007
Whirlpool Threadwatch Sidebar for IE users

Dynamically adds the threadwatch sidebar to pages in Whirlpool.

no reviews 0 0 174 May 4, 2007