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Editable New Tab Page : Improvement - auto-save edits

Thanks! This is a great idea and improvement! So I updated the script. I also added saving the page title, and not saving anything at all if the page is empty when you close it.


Ideas and script requests : about:blank modding

// ==UserScript==
// @name		Editable New Tab
// @include		about:blank
// ==/UserScript==

document.body.contentEditable = "true";

Or just install my script (it adds a few things to the above snippet).


GReader Favicon Alerts : New Favicon

I recently noticed that Google Reader has a [new favicon]( ([larger version]( but that the script still displays the old one. Could you update it?



userscripts favourites : Not working well lately

This is still the case for me as well. znerp, any chance of a fix in the near future?


userscripts favourites : Suddenly quit working



userscripts favourites : Suddenly quit working

In addition to being broken again, the ‘plus’ icon no longer appears on script pages.


GoogleAutoPager : New Pages Lose Column Width

Thanks for looking into it. I thought I had tested the issue with all other scripts disabled, but it seems I had neglected to disable one innocent-looking script, which turned out to be the cause: Textarea Drag Resize. I can’t imagine what the incompatibility is, but I can just disable that script on Google search results. Thanks again.


GoogleAutoPager : New Pages Lose Column Width

When new pages are added to the bottom of a search results page, the column width for the new pages is lost, leading to Google’s snippets having very long lines. For an example, see [this screenshot](


Definitive Google Auto Pager : No Longer Works

This doesn’t work for me any more (and hasn’t for a while). Any chance for an update?


Gmail Emoticons : Archived Comments

Cute script.

The Gmail Skins extension has a great Insert Smiley function that integrates quite nicely into Gmail’s toolbar (without the need to open a separate page). It would be cool if someone could extract that functionality into a separate script.


Google More Links : Archived Comments

The addition of Gmail search would be nice.


Gmail Full Width 2 : Archived Comments

Raffles, since you requested opinions, I’ll repeat my suggestion from the previous thread: I, personally, do not mind having a right sidebar if it has useful information (such as ‘Map this’). Thus, after the four links have been moved and advertising removed, I suggest removing the sidebar only if it’s empty.


Batch URL input : Archived Comments

Instead of implementing this with Greasemonkey, I think it more be useful as a userChrome.js script. That way, the URL (any URL) can be split up before loading. Also, I think it would make more sense to use '|' to split URLs, just like Firefox already does for multiple home pages.


[Updated] Google Reader Preview Enhanced v1.07g : Archived Comments

Really great script! Two issues I hope you can address:

1. The scrolled position in the iframe gets reset that item’s focus changes (the grey/blue border that Google Reader uses).

2. Because each iframe has a fixed height, a scrollbar usually appears. This makes scrolling extremely difficult, as there are now two scrollbars that one must manipulate in order to view an item properly. I think it would be more usable to make the iframe as high as the inline page, if possible, avoiding a secondary scrollbar altogether. This may also resolve issue #1.



[Updated] Google Reader Preview Enhanced v1.07g : Archived Comments

Thanks for the recent update. However, it introduced a regression: closing a preview doesn’t bring back the original content.

As for my wish list, in order of preference:

– fix the regressions (including Shift+V being broken)
– iframe auto-sizing. I think iGoogle has some code to do this, so you may want to look into how they do that. There’s also [Bug 80713](
– Remembering which feeds should default to preview
– Prevent iframe escaping. Is a general solution for that even possible?


Google Auto Pager : Archived Comments

There’s a bit of space between “pages”. Is that intentional? Also, ‘Did you mean’ gets repeated at the beginning of each “page”.


Google Reader - "Mark as read" keyboard shortcuts : Archived Comments

Thank you for halving my keystrokes. Instead of using “,”, however, it would be great if I could continue using “j” (in the expanded view). So, I have a request: could you make the script intercept “j” instead and send Google Reader a “m” followed by “j”? (The same would be nice for “k” too.)



google extra : Archived Comments

Great script! A few notes and suggestions:

1. Having section headings like ‘Images (goto)’ instead of making ‘Images’ link directly seems redundant.

2. The ‘expand options’ icon is confusing, as it looks like what it will do is collapse a search-results area instead.

3. Instead of showing yet another instance of an image on mouseover, expanding the image to full size (like the OS X Dock effect) would be very cool, and, I think, more fluid.

4. Being able to play videos inline would be great feature.

5. I, personally, would love a Blogs section (like SearchMash).

5. Wikipedia results don't always display properly. If there is no page, the Wikipedia section should just not be shown. Disambiguation pages are not displayed beyond the first line. In general, showing the very top of a Wikipedia page is not always the most helpful. Showing a snippet of that page from Google’s search results would be more useful. (SearchMash does something similar.)



google extra : Archived Comments

Thanks for the bug fixes. I especially like the larger images on hover. There are still a few small issues, though:

1. The Images section should link to, rather than []( (by adding .replace('www', 'images')).

2. Small images appear enlarged (and distorted, due to Firefox’s resizing). It may be preferable to leave those images at their original sizes.

3. When the window is too narrow, the sidebar shows above the Google search results. (SearchMash avoids this using non-recommended table layout.)

4. As before, when there are no Wikipedia pages, the Wikipedia section should just not be shown. It may be easier simply to show Google’s results for a search on Wikipedia instead. It seems that this is what SearchMash does.

Thanks again for the great script.


google extra : Archived Comments

Hi. Thanks for the quick response!

1. Google uses, which is what some scripts (like the Auto Pager) use. So, I figured you should change that, to prevent people complaining that your script in incompatible with other scripts.

2. If you search for small images, such as "favicon.ico", 16x16 images display as 50x50. The hover image is then actually smaller.

3. Thanks. It's a small æsthetic issue…

4. I like the updated behaviour. :)

Again, thanks for the prompt response! There is one more idea that comes to mind: The images on hover currently appear away from the cursor. If you moved them a bit closer, so that the cursor is actually above the image, one could then right-click and ‘View Image’ without having to go to the Images page first. The hover behaviour would have to be modified, however, as the cursor would then be hovering over the larger images.



google extra : Archived Comments

Slight correction for point #2: using should yield one tiny image.


google extra : Archived Comments

Sorry, one more thing. Regarding point #4, I completely understand. However, I find that seeing “Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name.” just creates clutter and slows me down. Since the Wikipedia link could still be useful, you could just show an empty Wikipedia box in that case. That would convey the information more quickly, and one could still click on the Wikipedia link.

I wouldn’t nitpick as much if I didn't see great potential. :) Thanks again.


google extra : Archived Comments

Cool, thanks! And, yes, you understood point #2.


google extra : Archived Comments

Hi again.

The sidebar formatting issue that I mentioned earlier seems to appear sometimes without any window resizing, specifically when using the define: operator. For example, the issue manifests when searching for define:www or the web, but not for define:www.

I have not been able to narrow down the cause of this behaviour. Perhaps you’ll have more success.


google extra : Archived Comments