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Digifan23 User
FirefoxWindows spamer

Roxz Scriptwright

You can use the edit button to add to your original post instead of creating multiple one line posts.

Warsaalk Scriptwright

These scripts are spam

Duy Nguyen Dinh User

I signed up just to report this user as spam:

All of his scripts use Facebook user information to tag their friends into some posts without their knowledge of such activities.

The same goes with this:

Duy Nguyen Dinh User

It seems that it would take a while for moderators to take care of the problem. Here's another spammer:

Basically most of the new users from Vietnam are spammer, and it is really annoyed to see those scripts on Facebook, especially when you are the one who gets tagged.

bob2005euro Scriptwright

user: zoee, url:
user: lijunweu, url:
user: btcmalls65,

Michael J. Scriptwright

What's the point of this thread and why is it Sticky? Nothing ever gets done. I have reported some scripts well over a year ago, probably closer to two years plus, multiple times and nobody ever does anything about it. The user I reported has HUNDREDS of fake scripts. Does anybody even maintain this site anymore? It's just the wild west in here.

MindCaged User

Do a search for "fanfiction", the top results are a bunch of spam labeled "Pokemon X And Y Romance Fanfiction" with numbers after it. You can tell it's the same guy with like a bunch of accounts. I have to wonder what the point of spamming the site with random stuff is. I mean is /anybody/ stupid enough to click on the links in a message with random words?

BTW, are people also making sure to go into the spam script, click the issues tab and voting them as spam? And yes reporting does help, I've already seen the spam scripts deleted once, but then they just post them again after a little while.

Digifan23 User

spam reports:

Timid Script Scriptwright

All forums are filled with spam and well...

Paul Au User

Watilin Scriptwright

Nuke that flood bot: worldwidelivetvsports

xtreemmashee... Scriptwright

It's almost become impossible to search for scripts by date now. And, of course, now the forums are being spammed. Not my precious userscripts. Hopefully this will be fixed in a few days. Really wanted a script to fix Youtube messing up their User Uploads pages again.

Name Lasts User

Please remove all fake scripts! This is an example of what it looks like when I browse >

mentalps Scriptwright

my script discussions & review threads have a lot of spam in them, is it possible to have the spam removed.
W.A.R. Links Checker Customized

Thank you! :) User

Guy has multiple accounts with facebook add scripts on everything. Probably more accounts linked as the moron comments on his other accounts.

Needs to be banned.

Draly24 Scriptwright

Hard to clean up all those fake scripts, but i'm surprised there isn't a simple button to report a script as scam (or maybe i missed it?).
Anyway, here are some:

Owyn Tyler Scriptwright
ChromeWindows – full of spam

hellspawn3200 User
FirefoxWindows all these scripts are just facebook like hacks.

sharmard User
FirefoxWindows is uber-mega-spamming the forums. Almost 3000 spammy posts so far.

GopalKrishnan User

all spammers

ewino Scriptwright

Lots of scripts with names starting with "Pokemon X And Y Romance Fanfiction" are definately spamming the search results, and their metadata is link and keyword bombs that will lower this site's search engine rankings...

GopalKrishnan User

so many spammers are here

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Empty topic