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Few minor issues with layout

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Brent N User

Using Chrome and Tampermonkey.

Options (only enabled options listed):

Cool Black Theme
Reverse Layout
Youtube Logo to Subscriptions
Collapse Description
Collapse Comments
Hide Video Responses
Show Full Description
Hide Coments
Disable Hiding Sidebar via Mouse
Autoplay on Playlists
Hide Ads
Disable Annotations
Buffer Entire Video
Autopause Always
Player Color Dark
AutoHD 720p

When I first got it, I was very confused. Only had a video, and nothing else. Eventually, I figured out I had to press C to open the console and change my settings to the current settings so I could see other stuff on the page. There should be at least a visible settings button.

Also, pressing C opens the config console but doesn't close it.

Initially, I didn't realize there was more to the Config console, until I decided to try dragging the mouse down the console (which scrolled the frame/table/whatever). Disabling hide toolbars allowed me to see the scrollbar in the config console so I would know to go down and click Save.p

After disabling the scrollbar hiding, and switching the layout, the sidebar is covering part of the video. I use 3 monitors (primary is 1440x900, the screen with the problem is 1280x1024). I think your script is reading the resolution of my primary monitor and adjusting the layout to that.

I can't make the comments go away. I have Collapse Comments and Hide Comments enabled, but I still see them there. Disabling Collapse Comments doesn't let them hide, either. And when I move the mouse over the comments and it expands, it stays expanded and doesn't collapse.

The Youtube logo and search box stay in the top left even with the reversed layout, and cover part of the video.

An option to move the playlist to the top of the sidebar (above the video title and info) would be awesome.

There's quite a bit of empty space below the video. You might consider taking the Related Videos out of the sidebar and putting them horizontally below the video (in 1 row with the video info below the screenshot, or 2 rows with the video information next to each screenshot) with some sort of sideways scrolling to see more videos.

Also, I do like the drop-down sidebar Youtube has by default (the one that shows playlists and subscriptions and whatnot). It would be great to have the button put back to make that accessible, because it makes it easier to navigate Youtube. Or even if you made your own navigation bar. I've gotten used to being able to click my name in the top right of Youtube and see all my playlists. I think that all the major navigation options (what to watch, my videos, playlists, subscriptions, my channel, youtube settings, dashboard, and analytics) should all be easily accessible from all youtube pages.

What does the "T" to the right of the search do? It doesn't seem to do anything for me but search.

The only other script for Youtube I need besides this is "Youtube Likes (bar version)" The great thing about that is it lets me see which recommended videos are junk without having to visit them. If you had that feature, I really wouldn't need any other scripts.

Finally, it would be awesome if there was some way to specify an image to use as the background of the page, combined with an option to make the sidebar semi-transparent. In fact, why not allow specifying the sidebar transparency and offering a few different color schemes? You could do semi-transparency and have it go non-transparent on mouseover. Maybe darken the text and screenshots (some kind of html overlay with transparency) until mouseover.

Otherwise, this is a great script.

haluk Script's Author

All these features was working well but youtube makes small changes almost every week. I mostly spend time for keeping layout same. so some functions may not work.

I know its complicated to use at first. I will prepare a guide soon.
Basicly "Z" or "Moving mouse to right edge of window" (left for reverse) hides sidebar
"X" or "Mouse Wheel" shows sidebar.

Pressing C not closes config console. there is a "cancel" button closes. there is a visible setting button already next to subscribe button. Config console is now long enough to see buttons.

Script should not read resolution. It adjust video size according to window size. Yet I dont know how it behaves with multiple screens.

Hiding comments option is now working.
Logo and search bar now isn't always on top. It's fixed and optional as before.
Drop-down sidebar is now opening via clicking small arrow nex to search bar.
Ratings bar was also a part of my script. I wasn't aware it stopped working. Fixed now.
"T" was showing search results in new tab. It wasn't working for awhile.

What empty space below the video?
Background image and color scheme nice idea but will take some time. I dont know how to do "user input" options.

Thank you for your feedback.

Brent N User

I am very impressed. You must be one of the best script authors on userscripts.

>What empty space below the video?

Screenshots taken before I updated just now:

The unused space below the videos with no content.

Also, one of the scripts you require (JSL, think it's for updating?) has a new version

New version: [](

Seems to be working great, comments are gone, and the search box is moved with the sidebar. You rock.

-edit- I mocked up some screenshots showing what I was meaning by the suggested videos being below the main video. The arrows are from the arrows in the youtube drop-down sidebar. The widescreen version would of course need modified so the text was not so much wider than the picture.

You should consider posting some screenshots to the script About page like this one does:

This is the -only- userscript I use. If there was a way to donate, I would definitely send you some cash in appreciation.

-edit2- One more suggestion - Perhaps an option to make it so comments/related/vid info can expand when clicked instead of when you move the mouse over them. My problem with the comments is that I move my mouse to the scrollbar, it goes over the comments, then the comments open all the way and I have to scroll a long ways to get to the recommended videos.

JoeSimmons Scriptwright

Brent N wrote:
(JSL, think it's for updating?)
Nope. It's a library similar to [jQuery](, but lighter (about 1/5th the size). It provides a lot of similar functionality but also some of my own functions.

1.3.1 didn't change too much, in terms of functionality. You may want to update if you use XPath selectors, or the .text() function. Full changelog [here](
haluk Script's Author

That empty space shouldn't be there, video should fill all the area besides sidebar. I post some screenshots to about page. You can see how it should be. In your case I think you are right about multiple monitors. Could you try opening a video on your primary monitor. I put a donate button to settings console. Thank you for your compliments and appreciation.

As Joe Simmons explianed it's a library and required for player related features like auto hd, autoplay. These features are based on Joe's script.

Video descriptions and comments now expands with click by default. I was having same problem too. And comments section become scrollable. Raleted videos seciton remains same