How many people install Google Hit Hider?

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Jefferson Scher Script's Author

It is a difficult question to answer, since you do not need to register to use the script. You will notice in the script source code near the top a line starting with @require, which requests an updater script from my server. I keep track of those requests (see Privacy Disclosure), and this is the information I have for 1/1/2014-3/31/2014.

Total requests: 15,851

But it appears that this overestimates the number of installations.

Web servers log the IP address of the request, as well as the user agent indicated by the browser. Considering this data, it appears that:

(1) Duplicate requests will come from the same IP address, which may indicate it was only a single installation. Since one household or an entire office can share a single public IP address, discounting these probably underestimates the total number of installs and users.

(2) The Tampermonkey extension for Google Chrome stores the updater for a shorter period of time than the Greasemonkey extension for Firefox, so Chrome will re-request the updater at intervals based on when it is cleared from Chrome's cache while Firefox will retain it until the next update.

Chrome, Chromium, Maxthon

Total requests:  9,169
De-duplicated:   2,377 new and update installations
Estimated users: 2,078 assuming 1 user per IP address

Firefox, SeaMonkey, Pale Moon, Waterfox

Total requests:  6,309
De-duplicated:   5,100 new and update installations
Estimated users: 3,759 assuming 1 user per IP address

I don't know whether the 373 requests from other browsers are legit, so I ignore those.<.p>

It is worth noting that some people may use Google Hit Hider on both Firefox and Chrome, so some of the Estimated users for Chrome and Firefox are the same people.

Filipke User

Hi Jefferson,

With down (for good) is there any chance you can update this script, and perhaps take care of an alternative provider for the updates ?

Thanks for your great work!