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ilalleffiff Scriptwright

* I know belgian chocolate is particularly good, but couldn't the script's name be shortened? IMO "Yet Another Download Helper for Various File Hosting sites" is long enough... ;)

* The following exclude prevents the script from working on http://* : // @exclude *.com/

* The script doesn't work correctly on it redirects to [](

* The script doesn't work correctly on **: the site has been permanently shut down; the script shows a blank page instead of the explanation for the closure.

* $("#btn_download").removeAttr("disabled");} (iFile variable) shouldn't be used for, as clicking the button early makes the site detects the countdown has been skipped and starts a new countdown. if (document.domain !== "") $("#btn_download").removeAttr("disabled");} should do the trick.

* Could there be an option, in a future revision of the script, to enable or disable the autoclick feature?

* There is a huge CSS glitch on any sites the script is in use: the !important; attribute for background-color: #CFCFCF" should be removed (from the "ssc" variable) in order to fix it.

AMZMA Script's Author

1. Sorry, but i can't Tears
somehow, it can repel spam script.

2. Strange, works fine here (Scriptish+Firefox) even if you disable js (NoScript).
3. Same as above, NoScript fine too.
4. What a bad news. hahaha
5. Thanks, dude
6. I'm sure i can't Oops!. I not have enough knowledge.
But you can disable it or edit it |
7. That's just for make the layout looks simple.

[email protected] Scriptwright

1. The fact that your script appeared at the top of the list was only because it was the first, alphabetically.
Renaming it to "Yet Another Download Helper for Various File Hosting sites" would have worked.

Note that, as of today, the spam scripts have all been removed (safe for a blatant rip-off: "Yet Another downloadhelper Plus (FoxySpeed)").

2a. I'm using the script along with Greasemonkey. With it, the "*.com/" exclude is specifically excluding sites such as "", as excludes have precedence over includes.
To make it work on, you can use the following RegExp rule:

// @exclude /^.*(^\.1fichier)\.com//

2b. Talking about, there's an issue after you've downloaded a file (or you're in the process of downloading one), and you try to download another one: the script will try to refresh the main page again and again, until the new download is ready (after the 15 minutes limit). This loop gradually increases the memory used by Firefox until it crashes.
I believe the script should either catch the 15min message and not try to refresh the page, or wait longer to refresh.

5. Actually, I missed www pages. The following code should work in all cases:

if (document.domain !== "" && document.domain !== "") $("#btn_download").removeAttr("disabled");}

8. For the icon to show correctly in Firefox's add-on manager, using Greasemonkey, ".png" is necessary to be added to the icon name:

// @icon 

9. In addition to

// @include        *
the following rule is necessary:
// @include        *
(notice the "s" after "getfile") for some pages.

10. The page loops indefinitely on **

11. On, the download countdown can't be skipped;
the func2 variable for "EmpatUpFiles" should therefore be changed to something like:

if (document.domain !== "" && document.domain !== "") var func2 = function () { $("#btn_download").removeAttr("disabled");}

12. Since you've added FireDrive support, the script isn't working anymore... at all.
The reason: there is no "FireDrive" variable. In fact, the second

var FileZy = function () {
should be changed to
var FireDrive = function () {
for everything to return to normal.

13. For the "FreakShare" variable, "func1" should be removed (clicking the download button early causes a "bad try" error message after entering the CAPTCHA).

AMZMA Script's Author

thanks so much for your help Thankyou!

frankly, me, myself, never test this version before Shy
and i'm not good for this. i'm an architect not a programmer (or whatever it called) huh

can you make a pastebin for this Ashamed
it should be really a big help

[email protected] Scriptwright

Here it is:
A pastebin of the latest version you posted (GOL D. 74), with the following changes:
1. @name length reduced.
2. exclude rule "*.com/" changed to "/.*(^\.1fichier)\.com//".
3. changed version number and added my pseudonym next to "@developer".
4. removed 2 exclude rules "*.com/login" and "*.net/login", as it's already taken care of by the "*.com/login*" and "*.net/login*" rules.
5. used a regular expression for mirrorcreator (note that I removed the include of "mstat.php?*", as that allows the user to select which mirror he wants).
6. reinstated the @include rule for sourceforge.
7. used regular expressions for 4upfiles, akafile, asfile, filefactory, firedrive, mediafire, potload, rapidgator, 4shared and 4shared-china.
8. removed (the bypass is no longer working), and hotfile.
9. removed the exclude rule "**", as IINM, it should never appear.
10. reinstated rapidgator.
11. added "if (document.domain !== "" && document.domain !== "[](")" for func2 of EmpatUpFiles.
12. removed the code that was commented-out, and the related code (for example, func1 of FreakShare).
13. added "if (document.domain !== "" && document.domain !== "[](")" for func2 of iFiles.

BTW, I'm not sure the first exclude rules are necessary, but as I haven't tested every sites I leave that to your discretion. :)

And Feel free to tweak the code as you like. ;)

//EDIT: I just saw that "" is no longer working. In that case, you can remove from the script anything related to,, and, until a new solution is found.

[email protected] Scriptwright

As for issue 2b, for the "SatuFichier" variable, you can replace

if (!/(Attention ! En téléchargement standard, vous ne pouvez télécharger qu'un seul fichier à la fois et vous devez attendre jusqu'à 15 minutes entre chaque téléchargement.)|(Warning ! Without premium status, you can download only one file at a time and you must wait up to 15 minutes between each downloads.)/i.test (document.body.innerHTML) ) {$(".form-button").get(0).click();}

This catches if the waiting time warning is effective (there are only 2 versions of the warning sentence, one in English, the other in French), and do not click the button if this is the case.

[email protected] Scriptwright

Last-minutes note: has once again been updated and the script is no longer working on it. I suggest replacing the $(".form-button").get(0).click(); line for the SatuFichier variable with this one:

if (!/(Attention ! Sans compte premium, vous )|(Warning ! Without premium status, you )/i.test (document.body.innerHTML) ) $("input[value='Download']").get(0).click();
This code will automatically click on the download button, unless one of the 4 variants of the warning message appears on the page (as aforementioned, this prevents an infinite refresh loop eventually leading to a Firefox crash).

[email protected] Scriptwright

You can remove any reference to the script doesn't work there anymore (it shows a blank page when enabled).
Example page:

[email protected] Scriptwright

As for uptobox and ryushare, the download countdown can't be skipped on
As such, its func2 variable

var func2 = function () { $("#btn_download").removeAttr("disabled");
should be replaced with
if (document.domain !== "" && document.domain !== "") var func2 = function () { $("#btn_download").removeAttr("disabled");

[email protected] Scriptwright

And talking about, applying the script's custom style on it now displays a blank page.
To fix this, you can remove GM_addStyle(zma); from the AlbaFile variable.