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Nice idea - but...

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Vivre Scriptwright

... it doesn't do anything on my side.

I also logged in anew after installation - but my 'home-button' still doesn't change its habit. No dropdown menu apears.

I'm on Linux/ FF 3.6 / GM 0.82.
I fear it can be an issue due to the usage of '$' but I don't know where to look this up. (Can't search the net for a single character ;-) )

greets ~ Vivre

Watilin Script's Author

It can't be due to the $, I use it since I'm born! (or almost :P)

Actually it's a compatibility issue. Maybe I should have disclaimed about it, I use addEventListeners without the 3rd parameter, it has become optional starting to Firefox 6. Think about updating your browser!

But don't worry, I'm just going to post an update of my script, with 3rd parameters back ;)

Vivre Scriptwright

Thanks for regarding and pointing that compatibility aspect out to me.
Still - the script-update doesn't solve it for me.

If you're using the $ ever since than you'll likely know why and what it is good for.
I already started a request topic to help me find out what the reason is that it is used ( - or if it is only a question of syntax-taste.

Could you please tell me what the advantage of those 'php-styled' variables is.

Anyway - removing them all doesn't result in success either ;-)

Watilin Script's Author


the $ is a habit I borrowed to the jQuery community: they use it to mark jQuery-object variables.
Personnaliy, I use it to mark HTML elements, as opposite of native objects like numbers, arrays, etc.

I'm intrigued about your issue. Could you follow these steps and paste down here the results?
- open the Firefox error console (Ctrl+Shift+J)
- click "clear" and then "errors"
- load a reload a page on which the script applies
- try to make the dropdown appear
- copy the content error console.

Thanks in advance.

Vivre Scriptwright

Hi Watilin,

first of all: big thanks for you explanations - that definitely brings light into this subject :-)

Ok - following your steps: I don't get any error from USO, I only get style-warnings.
I translated and grouped them.

on all USO-pages
sourcefile: http: //

Warning: unknown feature/property 'border-radius'.  Declaration ignored.
same with: 'box-shadow'.  Decl ignoriert.
same with: 'zoom'.  Decl ignoriert.
same with: 'zoom'.  Decl ignoriert.
Warning: Error on handling value 'height'.  Decl ignoriert.
on this topic

Declaration awaited, but found '!'. Skipped to next declaration (row:22)
unknown feature/property 'border-radius'. Declaration ignored. (row:1)
Declaration awaited, but found '!'. Skipped to next declaration (row:22)
additionally on all USO pages when logged in and your script is running:
Warning: unknown feature/property 'border-radius'.  Declaration ignored.

I already tried to find out a bit about this 'border-radius' but haven't come very far yet. But it's noticable that it is CSS-3 (which my FF might not process/ or not without declaration?) and it is refered to a 'border-box'. But I don't see your script building a box-element as it starts of with an undefined list.
(tip: [](

hope this already points into the right direction, and I'll come back to it again later on

greets ~ V

:lol: I finaly got an error due to your script: when being logged out: $homelink is null

Vivre Scriptwright

I found it !!!

If I exchange mouseenter by mouseover and mouseleave by mouseout your script works fine for me as well :hurray:

Now don't ask me why. I found two interesting pages. On TechInfo these mouseenter/mouseleave parameters aren't even listed.
The other page 'warns' that they needn't necessarily be available. (I can't read it all tonight - but catch up the next days)

oh well I'm off to enjoy your dropdown-menu now ...
and btw. am glad for the prove that my special $friend is no hindrance anymore ;-)

Tech Info - DOM-2 addEventListener - [](

Mouseenter and mouseleave events for Firefox (and other non-IE browsers)
"But (and I can't stress this enough), this concept is absolutely flawed! We're assuming that if the browser supports .addEventListener(..) then it must not support mouseenter/mouseleave."

Vivre Scriptwright

And a further note ;-)

I slightly changed your script to catch up the none-logged-in situation by moving the $homelink inquiry to the top to allow a direct process stop in case it's unavailable by adding - if (!$homelink) return; - and the error is done ;-)

While searching for a way on how one could retrieve the user-id I stumbled across the following script you'd might find interesting to review:

USO Links -

Thanks for your colorful dropmenu which is nice and handy to have :-)

Watilin Script's Author

Hello! Thank you for the note, I shall fix it right now.

I'd have never guessed that mouseenter and mouseleave could cause any issue. Again, it can be solved by upgrading their browser, as it's featured in FF10+.