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By Lorentz Last update Apr 28, 2014 — Installed 44,026 times.

Script Summary: Add direct links to images and pages in google image search. Works in Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Please report any bug, I use only Firefox, so some updates my break other browsers compatibility.

Version: 5.2

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If you don't like the frame that Google Images leave in the pages when you click on an image, this script is for you.
For each result image this script change the link to point directly to the image, and add another link that point to the page that holds the image.

Opera users please read [this](

To install in google chrome Google chrome follow [this]( instructions or use the extension [Tampermonkey](

The basic search is now broken, details here.

version 5.2
bug fix: wrong url in youtube video preview

version 5.1
bug fixes:
- direct link to pages in google search image preview (see here)
- URLs truncated after question mark (see here and here)

version 5
new features:
- direct link to pages in google search image preview (see here)
- direct link to images in similar image search (see here)

version 4.8a
bugfix: removed garbage from links (see here)

version 4.8
autoupdate and icon

version 4.7
bugfix: the script now works also when search tools are used to refine search
bugfix: the image "age" doesn't cover the page link anymore

version 4.6
Updated to react to the new version of google images (Jan 2014).
Basic search still doesn't work (see here) and other browsers compatibility may be broken. This is a quick fix, please report any bug.

version 4.5
fixed a bug: the html generated was invalid, Firefox and Chrome work regardless it, but opera has an unexpected behavior

version 4.4
restored compatibility with Opera and Chrome (through Tampermonkey) and code cleanup

version 4.2
fixed a bug which prevents "open page" on some images

version 4.1
Bugfix and code cleanup

version 4.0
Quick and dirty fix for the new version of google images, please report bugs and stay tuned for newer version :)

version 3.8
Restored google chrome compatibility