Craigslist Fusion

By Vy Ho Last update Jun 27, 2014 — Installed 54,012 times.

Script Summary: Show post details and Craigslist image previews directly in the listing page, mark spams, enlarge images on mouse over, auto sending out emails, filters, embedded map and drive directions, hide a post, auto hide on filtered, bookmark/mark favorites, many many more. Works with Chrome, Firefox, Opera.

Version: 9.9.20

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Special notes:

The latest code changes probably will reset all your preferences.
Please check the preferences and change accordingly.
CL changes again and the Map View button no longer works. I am working on the issue. Thanks.

Release 9.9 - Special thanks to David Rees for suggestion of adding location and provided sample code
Release 9.6.4,9.6.8 - Special thanks to David Rees for various feedback
Release 9.5 - Special thanks to Kevin York for the feedback on summary text minimum width.
Release 9.2.7 - Special thanks to Kevin York for the suggestions.
Release 9.1.9 - Special thanks to killuminati for questioning support for new grid image layout
Release 9.1.8 , 9.1.4 - Special thanks to Kevin York for a few questions and requests.

[See video of the script from YouTube](

You can also download the Firefox version here:

[Firefox addon plugin version](

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Note: due to the way Opera web browser running user scripts, please do not store any sensitive information under Opera web browser for this script.

   - Added round corner to windows
   - Added round corner radius preferences
   - Fixed goto link
   - Removed un-needed/extra window change listener
   - Updated to fix Go Top link in Chrome
   - Fixed code for look up for the search form due to changes to CL
   - Updated code so it works (from most testing so far) with Closure Compiler
   - Updated namespace collision fix to use isolate code better.
   - Updated to fix collision with Ebay Fusion addon.  Please update both to fix the problem.
   - Further updated email parsing code due to CL changes to remove subject line from the email address
   - Updated email parsing code due to CL changes
   - Added support for asterisk HTML entity
   - Updated code to fix "location" parsing due to change by CL
   - Fixed grid and map view due to recent update by CL
   - Fixed serializer code
   - Updated email parsing code to retrieve the correct base URL
   - Revised check layout and set default layout after initial instal
   - Fixed some parsing error of reply/contact mark up
   - Renamed various namespaces
   - Added code to parse entity in the summary text
   - Added code to remove newlines between posting info at the bottom of each posting details
   - Fixed switching between various view problem
   - Fixed switching between grid and list view problem
   - Added additional cleanups for HTML parsing code
   - Fixed grid view not working due to changes by CL
   - Fixed Chrome background color for posting entries not changed according to preferences
   - Updated to fix parsing of posting information error due to an attribute name with a dash in it.
   - Updated to add "hearts" entity symbol
   - Updated to show bullets in list by working around CL's style settings
   - Updated default entry background color to use a lighter color
   - Remove CL local storage from matching the script
   - Updated to fix driving direction issue with the destination location
   - Updated map location to have a more accurate location when the information is available.
   - Added location to the subject line if different/not existed already within the subject line in both details and listing views
   - Fixed parsing html entity code to support more entities
   - Fixed favorites rendering (dollar sign in the subject line)
   - Fixed favorite print rendering
     + Dollar sign in the subject line
     + Images causes rendering to fail
   - Fixed filter code, filter result area not found due to changes to CL code (auto emails were not working)
   - Fixed email subject encode/decoding problem (dollar sign issue)
   - Updated code to use asynchronous call to retrieve email address due to some web browsers not supporting sync call
   - Added code to decode HTML entity characters in detail subject/title text
   - Updated bookmarks label and delete button L&F
   - Fixed parsing post update date due to recent changes by CL
   - Fixed reply email parsing code due to changes by CL again
   - Fixed date parsing code due to changes by CL
   - Updated to fix a few typos for getting email address
   - Updated to fix a previous missed refactoring code (click on detail text to see details)
   - Updated background gradient color
   - Added preference for background gradient color
   - Added background color for preferences
   - Added support for embed images in the post details
     + See various new preferences for turn on/off, grid size, image height
   - Fixed email parsing code due to change by CL
   - Fixed search option for housing type not shown
   - Fixed to add the checkbox for search by title
   - Set default of elapsed datetime to 2 
   - Updated to correct parsing of reply email due by CL changes
   - Fixed show hidden entries due to changes by CL
   - Fixed post date/elapsed time due to changes by CL
   - Added bookmarks for searches
   - Added link in toolbar to go to top of page
   - Fixed outside image with "_" in the URL issue
   - Updated various layout/styles of toolbar area
   - Updated various layout/styles of favorite area
   - Updated layout of filter area
   - Partially updated to workaround the changes to Map View
   - Added width to limit print view width
   - Added dogs, cats, neighborhoods to search form when available.
   - Added an option to show the CL's native favorites (hide by default) - "Show Native Favorite Button"
   - Refactored showDetails method to have easier to read data parameter
   - Fixed image issue with missing "_" in URL
   - Updated image thumbnail to full conversion due to new CL's code
   - Added code to hide craigslist's redundant bookmark button
   - Added update time duration
   - Added code to show price in the detail view
   - Fixed location parsing extra tagging text
   - Added posting information (posted date, ID) to the posting details
   - Added a new line after each posting title to separate images and title (due to changes to Craigslist page)
   - Removed document parameter in creating new node or insert new node (missed from 9.4.3 similar changes)
   - Fixed posting date parsing code due to updated date markup
   - Fixed non-autohide control area overlapping content below it
   - Further improved the auto hide of the toolbar area (addressed auto completion and mouse interaction issue)
   - Noted: if auto hide is disabled in preferences, the toolbar hides craigslist listing entries on top of the page
   - Added option to see hidden and unhide posts
   - Added email options (WARNING: beta version for now, regardless of choice, it uses google mail for auto send)
   - Fixed main listing width issue
   - Fixed tab button pane's findNode issue (class attribute matching)
   - Fixed left right image scroll button positions issue
   - Fixed map icon alignment in Firefox in the map button
   - Disabled - Added preliminary code for mouse over map to show popup
   - Added left margin to the listing
   - Improved auto-hide feature of the toolbar
   - Adjusted preview text minimum width
   - Updated code to have add new node and append not needing the document object as parameter
   - Updated code to have add new text and append not needing the document object as parameter
   - Improved code to reduce validator's warnings
   - Added check against a list of allowed tags of HTML node creation
   - Only created HTML node by calling create element on string constant
   - Fixed switching various tab buttons in addon package
   - Updated code to show/hide arrows for begin/end of image scrolls
   - Refactored setTimeout and setInterval
   - Refactored various mouse event constants
   - Moved tab buttons to the control toolbar area
   - Changed look and feel of the control toolbar area, transparent, background color, border, float right, width
   - Rewrote image control area for each post entry, should improve performance with the change
   - Changed default max number of images to be loaded per entry to 15
   - Fixed layout of each entry issue
   - Replaced developer alerts by notify/logs
   - Fixed popup errors due to expired JS objects from previous pages were still processed by assync HTTP request call when change page
   - Fixed mark spam error with null for addEventListener
   - Fixed Chrome page loading issue
   - Added prompt for using location API when location is not set in showing driving direction
   - Only works in Firefox so far, with Chrome unable to provide the location
   - Fixed to work with CL's updated change to gridview (partial fix, should work just ok for now)
   - Fixed various favorite window commands errors
   - Fixed clicking not working on form or other windows
   - Fixed favorite window not showing up
   - Added support for map view
   - Added floating search form
   - Streamlined the favorvite command links
   - Added favorite import/export features
   - Added print favorite feature
   - Fixed image resize issue in the grid image view
   - Fixed escape code for br tag for rendering HTML in detail view
   - Fixed grid view's image numbered links not showing on top of the images
   - Fixed Chrome's link text not turn into lower case letter issue
   - Made debug output to be a bit cleaner
   - Updated code to handle invalid HTML (missing/extra closing tags) a bit better
   - Fixed no value attribute parsing issue
   - Fixed layout issues with space not wrapping in the details and favorite windows
   - Changed detail area's links to open to new pages
   - Turned off logging when parsing data
   - Encoded detail area HTML node's attributes (fixed some missing image issue)
   - Added showing detail text in HTML
   - Added preference to turn off showing detail text in HTML (in case of error, long pause, etc), defaulted to true
   - Fixed a getParentNode() error in Chrome when caching in grid mode, (still showing multiple icons, to be fixed)
   - Added preliminary support image grid listing view
      + Can mouse hover/click to see detail listing
      + To see the enlarged images, mouse over the numbered links
      + Often, the numbered links are hidden behind the grid images, to be fixed later
   - Added max number of thumbnails shown, default to 4
   - Added option to turn text into lower case, default to true
   - Added configuration setting for showing number of elapse time tokens
   - Fixed some existing code depended on the innerHTML
   - Rearranged the search form and make it a bit smaller
   - Replaced innerHTML with textContent
   - Reduced button icons' margin/padding
   - Removed tags in content area and set content as text in post details
   - Fixed double images issue
   - Updated date parser due to changes on Craigslist's pages
   - Updated date parser due to changes on Craigslist's pages
   - Added partial processing and rendering
   - Added preference to turn off confirmation of favorite entry deletion
   - Further fixed post content parsing code
   - Refactored a bit of parsing regx
   - Fixed posting date parser due to Craigslist's new changes
   - Fixed content not found due to Craigslist's new changes
   - Changed order of links processing
   - Prepared code for partial processing and rendering
   - Changed default layout to overlapped detail windows (images and post text)
   - Added preference option to toggler overlap layout
   - Changed default left to right layout to true
   - Note to users: needs to click on one of the layout buttons (50%, 60%, etc) to relayout
   - Please update your preferences if it's not what you wanted.
   - Added support for shorten elapsed time display
   - Added time since posted
   - Added preference for show/hide elapsed time
   - Changed some default preferences for show/hide buttons
   - Plan: add undo button for "hide" entry
   - Fixed issue when show map button is not enabled, but show direction is enabled
   - Refactored icon button action code
   - Added pre-processing for each entry so entries can be deleted for old entries in the favorites
   - Added settings for not showing text
   - Added settings for setting text length
   - Optimize page load responsiveness
   - Added settings for show/not show various command buttons for each post entry
   - Moved inherits function from Function prototype to regular utility class
    - Fixed a memory leak issue with window manager
    - Enhanced the text measurement
    - Added detail text inlined
    - Dressed up each posting entry with background color, border and margin
    - Added re-layout code for the favorite window
    - Removed the embed parameter for external map (non-embeded)
    - Added auto hide option to search and filter
    - Optimsed code to not retrieving hidden posts (due to "hide" or "mark as spam")
    - Tuned the "hide" button location to make it easy to hide items
    - Changed favorite button when already marked as favorite to have a visual feedback
    - Added code to hide entries marked as spam
    - Added code to hide entries
    - Added favorite list and mark favorite
    - Updated icon list
    - Fixed newly thumb nail images
    - Fixed search box (some items were outside of the box)
    - Some other map fixes
   - Added OR filter support
   - Added scale image on image preview window resize
   - Improved the map windows to remove a little space to the right hand side
   - Added click support anywhere in the unfocused map to make it focused
   - Changed code to use node versus HTML for map, much faster moving the map window
   - Added embeded flag to the map window.  Can consider a configuration settings in the future
     to toggle this.
   - Addded support for click to focus Google map window
   - Updated page refresh page to work properly, or not to refresh when mouse move
   - Updated page refresh to refresh page by submitting the page form (so page cache doesn't prevent page refresh)
   - Reduced the spacings between posting entries in the listing
   - Hide warning and provide a link to toggle on/off the warning
   - Improved the posting detail area
     + Changed map and drive direction text links into icons.
     + Shorten some link texts
     + Changed HTML text into JS HTML node creation
   - Moved the posting detail on top of the image area when clicking layout links
   - Made 60% layout bold to indicate recommended settings (and default settings)
   - Improved 100% layout to have the text and image area sizes and locations defaulted to reasonable values.
   - Updated layout code to fix some special cases where the layout doesn't work properly
   - Added auto layout for other windows that were not auto-laid out.
   - Cleaned up un-used code
   - Rewrote preferences code
   - Added right alignment option for listing link
   - Added swap left right layout option
   - Removed auto layout preference, keep always auto layout
   - Improved layout code
   - Updated the license to allow only the author/copyright owner to distrite the software or code to prevent
     malicious websites distributing bad code.
   - Added support for Chrome Preferences' save/retrieval of values
   - Added default size if preference was not set (also works for Chrome initial size)
   - Added content padding
   - Fixed content height when show/hide title bar
   - Fine tuned the fix in 7.4.  The width and height was still a bit off.  This fix makes it much better.
   - Fixed window overlapping border issue
   - Set default auto refresh to false, so the users need to turn it on if they want to
   - Added code to refresh page only if the user is not active (not moving the mouse)
   - Added auto reload of page and preference for setting interval and disable the feature
   - Added auto emails and filter support
   - Added pre-liminary support for Chrome browser
   - No preference/save support
   - Updated to fix changes from Craigslist
   - Put in a check to try to address a little window issue.
   - Added pre-liminary support for Opera browser
   - No preference/save support
   - Window resizinng support is very weak.  Use the "Fit Screen 50% 60% 70% 100%" commands for now.
   - Adjusted layout code to be more precise.
   - Updated code so it doesn't use "eval" function.
   - Changed code to load images top down
   - Kept the horrizontal scrollbar hidden if not needed
   - Added Scale layout and change to scale layout from Dock layout
   - Keep minimized windnow title bar shown when dragging
   - Refactor spam list. Only keeps the last 300 entries. Also store the list as a single entry to make sure it doesn't clutter the system.
   - Replace detail, map, drive direction link texts with icons
   - Added spam button
   - Lined up the search form
   - Fixed to enable auto layout when it's enabled
   - Added some more filters to pages that doesn't use the plugins
   - Hide the buttons for listing content window
   - Added 100% to fit screen command list
    - Fixed issue with some Craigslist pages
    - Added filter for Firefox plugin
    - Added fit screen feature to fit the windows into the current browser screen
    - Used embbeded window for listing (also added auto layout for this window)
    - Moved Preferences and Sticky Mode links to the content/listing window (more space for post detail)
    - Added option to hide large image window when mouse out of the thumbnails
    - Added option to hide detail window when mouse out of the link
    - Changed sticky mode to apply to both detail and photo image (click at a blank space to get out of sticky mode to send email or change email templates)
    - Added options to change detail text, background, and window border color.
    - Changed the default post detail background color
    - Fixed sizing issue of windows (a little extra size was fixed)
    - Fixed parsing of address for apartment
    - Added namespace support (also moved all classes under new namespace)
    - Re-wrote the old codes
    - [bug fix] Updated code to fix the Craigslist's change which causes double pictures
    - Added controls to limit the width of thumbnail area
    - Added ability to slide the thumbmails back and forth for large number of thumbnails
    - Changed inactive window border color
    - Changed default detail link to point to internal window
    - Changed target of "Detail" link to _blank
    - Added content type for Google map iframe
    - Changed the default sticky mode to false
    - Fixed sticky mode issue with autolayout
    - Fixed preference label error (thanks to Waffull for reporting this)
    - Fixed un-check auto layout preference setting (thanks to Wafful for reporting this)
    - Added preference for switching between post title and "Detail" as a link for seeing the full detail posting
    - Added docking features for image and detail
    - Added post title to the detail view
    - Added options to only show details or images when click (not mouse over)
    - Changed link so that the listing link is used for showing detail, while the new "Detail" link is for showing the Craigslist post
      - Improved minimize window title
      - Added minimize window title
      - Added option for not showing detail posting window
      - Added links for showing detail window, map and drive to window
      - Added ability to click on image to show image window even when it's disabled
      - Added flags to not show image or detail windows if they close, unless they're open again from clicks.
      - Added warning message when editing preference or email templates
      - Fixed title area error because of the way it's created (change to using dom node, versus innerHTML)
      - Refactor and re-write large part of the code
      - Update code to adjust to change by Craigslist
  4.3: New features(s)
      - Added window resizing around all edges
  4.2: New feature(s)
      - Added blind carbon copy to email
  4.1: New feature(s)
      - Added Google Map
      - Added Google Drive Direction
  4.0: New feature(s):
      - Added windowing system
      - Added Google email support
      - Added email templates
      - Added post detail screen
      - Added enable/disable preference for photo preview window 
  3.7: New feature(s):
      - Added sticky mode - preview image moves as your mouse moves.  Click somewhere to stop sticky mode.
      - Added preference for sticky mode.  Set sticky mode when first load a Craigslist page.
  3.6: New feature(s):
      - Added an apply button to the preference window
  3.5 Fix(s):
      - Fixed a broken code.  "dim" not found. (sorry for this, I don't know why it worked before)
  3.4 New feature(s):
      - Save and restore preview window position across browsing sessions
      - Improve window dragging (fix the lost mouse control while dragging fast)
      - Allow users to change the image preview size
      - Added auto update tag into the code when version comes out
      Known issue(s):
      - Dragging when point the mouse at inside the rectangle, but outside of the preview image can causes the dragging to stick.  Users have to refresh the page to get out of it.
  3.3 New feature(s):
      - Added preference link on the preview window
      - Removed the original preference code (which has issue with the front page), remember toggle scale
  3.2 New feature(s):
      - Added drag-able preview image window
  3.1 New feature(s):
      - Added close and toggle zoom buttons/links on the preview window
  3.0 New features:
      - Added preference settings and window.
      - Added image preview window
      - Removed enlarging thumb nail image when mouse over it

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