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By Pseudo Last update Jul 22, 2011 — Installed 20,639 times.

Script Summary: Tools combining 4chan's /mu/ and

Version: 1.6.1

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This script is outdated and is no longer compatible with 4chan, sorry.


Firefox 3.5+
The Chrome extension [Tampermonkey]( is required for this script to be compatible with Google Chrome.
  • Compatible with [4chan Firefox Extension](
  • Compatible with [4chan X]( [version 2.24.5]( (newer 4chan X versions are unsupported) and with 4chan W (my fork of 4chan X).


  • Shows an in-thread taste-o-meter next to any /mu/ post that has a profile URL in it.
  • Calculates the average compatibility with all profiles in that thread and the amount of each score.
  • Adds buttons to insert useful data into the comment box, such as your weekly artist chart.
  • Can append your currently scrobbling track to the name field.
  • Searches /mu/ for any, MuMu Player, or SoundCloud threads, and gives links to them.
  • Converts Soundcloud links to an embedded player in the thread.

Version History

Version 1.6.1 7/22/2011
  • Improved compatibility with 4chan X in Soundcloud threads
Version 1.6.0 7/22/2011
  • Added a Soundcloud search button
  • Posts with a Soundcloud link have a button to embed and play the track in the thread
Version 1.5.2 7/20/2011
  • Fixed bug: data not cached for users with zero artists in common
  • Fixed bug: taste scores not cached properly for profiles posted multiple times in a thread
Version 1.5.1 7/20/2011
  • Fixed display issue in Chrome ([Tampermonkey]( required for Chrome compatibility)
Version 1.5.0 7/20/2011
  • Taste score and common artist data is cached for one week, rather than just for the window session
  • Including common artists in the "stats summary" is now optional
Version 1.4.1 7/18/2011
  • Fixed bug: inability to set username
Version 1.4.0 7/18/2011
  • Added button to search for MuMu Player threads
  • Added link to insert a "stats summary" into the text box
  • Restored compatibility with 4chan Extension's "Quick Reply"
  • Reduced number of http requests required for fetching common artist data
  • No longer uses the API key meant for examples (fixes "Suspended API key" errors)
  • Fixed bug: comma in artist name could mess up caching
  • Fixed bug: a "#" in the "now playing" artist or title would act as a trip
  • Fixed bug: previous cache remains after changing name and reloading page
  • Fixed bug: changing username creates multiple "now playing" checkboxes
  • Fixed bug: issue with sessionStorage on front page
Version 1.3.1 3/13/2010
  • Fixed issue with comment box blanking on refresh
Version 1.3.0 3/12/2010
  • All data loaded from is now temporarily cached instead of being reloaded for each refresh
Version 1.2.2 3/8/2010
  • Adjusted search feature in response to page limit increase
  • Fixed minor bug involving script running on non-thread pages
  • Slightly improved error reporting
Version 1.2.1 2/23/2010
  • Stats feature now works on boards other than /mu/ (if script is enabled for those boards)
  • Fixed bug with Search button placement when username hasn't been set
Version 1.2.0 1/5/2010
  • Added "Now Playing" feature: option to append current track to the "name" field
    • You need to edit the script's "Configuration" section to use a name other than "Anonymous"
  • Added Search feature: click the button to find all threads on /mu/
  • Edited the default "@include" to reflect subdomain change
Version 1.1.1 7/31/2009
  • Minor change to the way the profile list scrolls
Version 1.1.0 3/20/2009
  • Added option to list all profiles in stats, sorted by compatibility rank
  • Improved compatibility with the 4chan Extension "Quick Reply" feature
  • Now detects URLs anywhere in reply posts, including email field
  • Recognizes profile links that use foreign language domains
  • Stats are affected only once by a profile posted multiple times in the thread
  • Stats show the number of errors, if any
  • Added "Overall artist chart" to the Post Helper
Version 1.0.1 3/2/2009
  • Set links to the profiles to open in new tab (target=_blank)
Version 1.0.0 3/2/2009 first official release
  • No longer need to edit the script to set your username, there will be a textbox on the page
  • "Post Helper" - links next to comment box that insert into the text:
    • your weekly top artist list (uses weekly snapshot mode, not last 7 days)
    • the song that you are currently scrobbling
    • the URL of your profile
  • " Thread Stats" - displays in reply mode in threads with at least one posted:
    • number of profiles and number of profiles with data loaded
    • average compatibility with the users in that thread
    • a list of the number of posts for each compatibility score
Version 0.1.0 2/27/2009 first beta test release
  • Displays next to any post that has a user profile url in it:
    • taste-o-meter compatibility and artists in common
    • link to load their top artists
    • friend icon if that user is your friend