Yahoo Mail Ad Removal

By Motty Katan Last update Dec 23, 2013 — Installed 95,941 times.

Script Summary: removes the ads+expands space Motty Katan(c) Beta version. 06-02-2006 last updated 23-12-2013

Update December 21, 2013:
As of yesterday, the ad started showing on my computer.
I've dispatched a quick version using CSS, and now a JS version.
The code is three lines, using Yahoo! code itself. I can honestly say:
This is the best solution for your Yahoo! ads.

Update July 14, 2012:
After a Yahoo! update. I did function some_ patch working. I would like to cut on script' updates, I'll postpond future patch versions up untill a new neat version will be created.

This is was one of my oldest scripts(and perhaps the first).
It no longer works for the classic. Just the Beta version(NEO) & New Yahoo! Mail.

Any code use of my work in other scripts without permission is not acceptable.

My motto(devise): the code is meant to be simple and not interfering to site code.

New (19-03-2011): added the new Yahoo! BETA version AKA NEO: Only one line of code! as in my version in 2007.

Beta (2011: now this is called New Yahoo Mail):
* removes all ads - my code uses Yahoo Mail's code and by that I think you will never need to update it :) Always stay an optimist. (Code use had reduced after Yahoo! updated their code, and I had to use newly made code)
* Resize, switching between search/contacts/message is working fine.
* Not removing any html nodes, limits script errors and Yahoo! code misfunctionality.

* 21-09-2007: After a search in Yahoo's options I found the variable to expand folder space and messages space automaticly by default.

I can be reached by message through the site.

16/02/2010 - calender width problems, should come up with a solution. Currently does a bit of harm when Yahoo! resizes it some text is hidden
Paper for composing a message is now correctly located but opened as initial state

1. add a somekind of an options to give userscript users an ability to control which ads they want removed and which not. (suggest GM_addSettings function implemantation and if not short implement it using right click and ctrlKey).