Uptobox Adblocker-Blocker Blocker

By Watilin Last update Jun 12, 2013 — Installed 912 times.

Script Summary: Blocks the Adblock Blocking feature ;)

Version: 1.5

Copyright: 2013+, Watilin

License: Creative Commons by-nc-sa

Important note

Although I consider Chrome/Tampermonkey while scripting, most of the time I do my testing only on Firefox. So I guarantee my script works with Firefox, but not with any other browser. Please don’t complain about it.

Current compatibility:

  • Firefox 21.0/Greasemonkey 1.9 OK
  • Chrome NO
  • Opera NO
  • Safari NO
  • IE NO

Version history

Version 1.5

June, 12th 2013
Optimization for Gecko browsers. The beforescriptexecute event can prevent inline script execution. Powerful indeed.

Version 1.4

June, 3th 2013
The script now uses localStorage to save the page whenever the style fails to prevent redirection. The “adblock.html” page is then overwritten with the saved contents. Plus, for browsers that support it, a history.pushState restores the URL in the address bar.

localStorage compatibility:

  • Chrome 4
  • Firefox 3.5
  • MSIE 8
  • Opera 10.50
  • Safari 4

Version 1.3

May, 18th 2013
I’m starting to have very much fun dealing with Uptobox updates. Now I have a number of already working snippets that I keep secret until things get really serious. As for now, it’s just a piece of cake. You can do better Uptobox, come on!

Version 1.2

May, 15th 2013
Works again, but this kind of update may be easily broken by Uptobox again. I’m working on a stronger way to f**k them. Oh man, I’m getting rude.

Version 1.1

April, 25th 2013
Works again!

Version 1.0

What it did was simply disabling access to jQuery.
Whitout jQuery, the site could’t do anything, including annoying you
with “We need ads to survive” jabber-jabber.

Note that you still had to wait 60 seconds before downloading, and follow other restrictions that are set server-side.