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By BlockAllThePeople Last update May 17, 2014 — Installed 131 times.

Script Summary: Improve the quality of your life and save time by hiding all posts written by unwanted posters on This extension will also remove any responses because any time spent replying is a waste of time as well.

Currently blocking:

gswinsider (stop being such a whiny girl), aid 69
2legit2quit (proposer of the dumbest trade ideas ever), aid 123
four touchdowns in a single game (because he's an annoying troll), aid 705
Trash Brothers (used to be David, plus others. Mostly just attacks people), aid 1218
whack jack (a dumb homer), aid 10364
mullyasadanoguac (annoying homer bitch), aid 11811
whiteboy, aid 11852
Khoee, aid 13019
yung virgo, aid 13234
Showtime (not even a real Lakers fan, just a troll), aid 14935
[email protected]@n, aid 16536
Smedley whatever the rest of that stupid name is, aid 17915
jayfly (obnoxious with one schtick: insult whoever he responds to), aid 20028
GruberGoober (you have to ask?), aid 25591
ThrowTheBall (duh), aid 45104
northtop (spammer, suspended), aid 46699
#Barnes-Spits-Bazetard-For-ThadeusYoung!!!! (BC), aid 47431
wavey, aid 48901
TidesHaveTurned, aid 56202
Alonzo whatever, aid 56230
Building Winners (fuck off, Cam), aid 58131
thehella (go use your hashtags on Twitter, fool), aid 58358
NCal Sports on the Rise (fuck off, Cam), aid 59188
I-Am-Bob-Myers (This is "Giddyap," etc, someone using a lot of different names), aid 59548
davidĀ® (some strange troll), aid 61764
never.forget.the.warriors (another annoying newbie), aid 61995
bringbackjarrettjack (one-trick pony and a troll), aid 62123
fredean100 (why are so many posters with a 60000+ aid stupid?), aid 62283
LOLakers (sensing a trend here?), aid 62577
umami (oh, look - another idiot), aid 62711
folks (someone just can't stop spamming), aid 63091
kerrywoodwins20 (nothing like a brand new troll with a racist angle to it), aid 63226
stompah (just another troll account), aid 63963
malachi constant (whether BC or someone else, same old story) aid 63537
boobs.myers (spamming stupid stuff, probably an alt account), aid 64345
Marcus Thompson II (another new account that frequently changes names to impersonate and annoy), aid 64460

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