Facebook Timeline Cleaner

By Oneduality Last update Nov 21, 2013 — Installed 33,606 times.

Script Summary: This script deletes your facebook comments/posts/likes .. I'll do my best to stay on top of maintaining the script .. but keep in mind that facebook updates things A LOT .. and I also tend to think they make changes specifically to block scripts like this.

Version: 0.43

Take back control of your Facebook Timeline with this activity log scrubber! I try to work on this and maintain it the best I can, I have a full time job and a family .. if you like it and care to contribute to it's development you can donate with the button below... or better yet, you can check out [my music]( and buy if you like =) ..

Feature List:
1. Deletes activities, all or within a defined time frame.
2. Deletes game posts, all or within a defined time frame.
3. Hides elements from the time line, all or within a defined time frame.
4. Deletes everything ( including photos ), all or within a defined time frame.
5. Unlike everything
6. Supports Facebook's Secure Browsing features ( NEW )

Note: This script does not un-friend people like some of the other scripts have done in the past!

The script has been tested with the following browsers

1. Firefox with Greasemonkey
2. Google Chrome with Tampermonkey ( the script MUST be installed in Tampermonkey )

USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I'm not responsible for any bad things that happen.. but you can totally credit me for awesome things if they happen =)


Version 0.42 (11/14/2014)
- Fixed the bugs I introduced in 0.4.1 ( oops ) .. MAKE SURE YOU UPDATE!

Version 0.41 (11/13/2013)
- Wrote code to loop and detect if the button has been inserted, prevents needing to refresh
- Corrected issues with https and chrome ( Works for me now )
- Removed much of the console logging in hopes it will improve performance, just a test
- Disabled "debug mode" by default.

Version 0.40 (01/18/2013)
- Disabled auto expand as this causes issues on some computers. ( Thanks COner )
- Increased delay from 1 to 2 seconds. ( Thanks COner )
- Stopped retrying on error 500 ( Thanks COner )

Version 0.39 (01/13/2003)
- Browser detection to use GM_xmlHttpRequest for firefox requests
- Latest version of jQuery is now being used

Version 0.37 (01/11/2013)
- delete counter is re-implemented
- Clear time line options now only appear on the activity log screen

Version 0.36 (01/11/2013)
- HTTPS support! Finally Secure Browsing works with this script.

Version 0.35 (01/10/2013)
- Updated to support german properly with the new changes

Version 0.34 (01/10/2013)
- Updated to working with the new FB layout