Google Translator Tooltip Expanded

By Mar Cnu Last update Nov 16, 2013 — Installed 14,168 times.

Script Summary: Select a text, move the mouse over the 'translate' icon, and a tooltip with the translation appears. You also get alternative translations from Google Translate.

Version: 1.12

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For chrome users

If you use Chrome, it is recommanded to use [TamperMonkey]( to have a full save system.


This script displays a tooltip with expanded translation provided by Google Translate.

The special feature of the version is that alternative translations are also displayed.
If it is provided by Google for the langage couple, you will also see grammar informations.
Il you want to translate a sentence, about 1-4 alternatives will be displayed for each logical block of the sentence!

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This script is based on

- Google Translator Tooltip by lazyttrick
- Google Translator Tooltip Mod Lite KeysOn by iwo0

Version history

1.12 : New languages added.
1.11 : Correct a bug with window.getSelection() on Opera 12.16.
1.10 : New option for choosing the text color.
1.9 : New Show details/Hide details button.
1.8 : New option for choosing the font size.
1.7 : Add exception to an Opera error (the color picker doesn't work on Opera).
1.6 : The option button ("+") opacity has been reduced.
1.5 : Use POST requests instead of GET, to allow long text inputs.
1.4 : - Add an optional second language translation.
- Add Text To Speach link. It it a link to the audio file, because Google seems to block it when we use it in a HTML5 audio element.
1.3 : Add a link to Google Translate website.
1.2 : Enable color background configuration.
1.1 : Cross browser support for the "save" button. It uses HTML5 localstorage, this only works to save within a domain name. If you use Chrome, you should install TamperMonkey to have a full save system.