OGame Redesign: Show Players' Status in the Highscores

By Vess Last update Jul 23, 2012 — Installed 5,852 times.

Script Summary: Colors the player names in the Highscores the same way they look in the Galaxy

Version: 1.02

In version 3.0 Gameforge introduced a truly psychedelic set of colors for the player names. Besides the usual colors (green for players under noob protection, red for the too strong players, gray for the players inactive for 7 or more days, dark gray for those inactive for more than 35 days, blue for those in vacation mode, white for everybody else), we now have yellow for honorable targets and purple for outlaws.

Even worse, the player names in the highscores (the statistics) are also colored - but using a different color scheme. There are only two colors there - yellow for honorable targets and gray for everybody else. (At the beginning strong players in vacation mode were also colored yellow like honorable targets - despite that the could be attacked and weren't, therefore, targets at all - but this has been fixed meanwhile and they are colored gray now.) As somebody put it on the Russian board:

In order to become a purple player, you have to attack a player who is red in the Galaxy. He can be yellow in the highscores, but he's never gray there. Not all yellow players in the highscores are red in the Galaxy, but they are never white there. You must make a difference between the white and the gray players. Gray becomes every red or green player after seven days of inactivity. In order to avoid becoming gray, go into vacation mode and you'll become blue.

Are we getting confused yet? Is it so difficult to color the players in the highscores the same way as they are colored in the Galaxy?! Oh, well, that's Gameforge to you.

This little script tries to resolve the confusion to a certain extent. It uses the game API to read the status of the players (and, therefore, works only in OGame version 4.1.0 or higher). It then colors appropriately the players who are in vacation mode, are inactive (7 days of inactivity) or long inactive (35 days of inactivity), and colors everybody else while (the color of the neutral targets in the Galaxy).

Attention! Unfortunately, the colors are still not exactly the same as in the Galaxy - because the API does not return the relevant information. In particular:

1) The script doesn't color red the players who are much stronger than the player viewing the highscore page.

2) The script doesn't color green the players who are under noob protection.

3) Banned players are missing from the highscores completely. This is done by the game; not by the script.

4) The list of players provided by the game API is updated no more often than once in 24 hours. As a result, the colors of some player names in the highscores might not match their colors in the Galaxy - for instance, if an inactive player has just become active or a player has left vacation mode. The mismatch will be corrected in about 24 hours, when the player list provided by the game API is updated.

As usual, big "thank yous" go to Black Cat (I really own him a beer - or several - for all the help he has been providing) for helping me figure out how to make sure that both the highscores page and the game API file are loaded before starting to color the player names and for helping me eradicate obscure bugs in the early version of this script which prevented it from working.

2012-07-22. Version 1.01. The script now also colors the players names in the alliance member list on the Alliance page. Note, however, that if an alliance member is a Bandit, he will be a honorable target (yellow) on both the Galaxy and the Highscores pages - but the script will color him white on the Alliance page, because it has no access to the information that the player in question is a Bandit.

Also changed the script to request the list of players and their statuses from the server no more often than once in 24 hours. (A local copy is now kept in localStorage.) Since the server doesn't update this list more often than that, downloading the list every time the script runs was a waste of bandwidth.

2012-07-23. Version 1.02. The script didn't work on the Alliance page if the player had additional icons in the "Function" column besides the icon for sending a message to that alliance member. (What icons appear there largely depends on the rights the player has within the alliance.) Fixed.