By Mindeye Last update Feb 19, 2014 — Installed 811,244 times.

Script Summary: Removes ads and unwanted sections (configurable), allows downloading and resizing videos, changes the default video quality, expands the description and the video size, can prevent autoplay and autobuffering, etc...

Version: 2014.2.19

Introduction and other versions

YousableTubeFix is a [Greasemonkey]( script for Gecko browsers (like [Firefox]( to enhance the [YouTube]( video sharing site. A port for [Opera]( users is available here, and one for [Chrome]( users here.

If you find YousableTubeFix useful, you can make a donation here → [](


  • Download the video as FLV or MP4 in many formats: use the download button (see Note 1). The video can also be downloaded from the search page.
  • Resize or expand the video automatically or manually, to any custom size.
  • Remove ads and any unwanted YouTube section; like video annotations and captions, video information, header and footer, etc...
  • Change the default video quality to any of the available ones (like 720p or 1080p). The video quality availability is autodetected and the script can change to the best available one automatically.
  • Prevent only video autoplay, or both video autoplay and autobuffering (video and user channel pages).
  • Automatically expand the video description, category and tags.
  • Change the Flash Player Quality and wmode attributes to play the video with less CPU use.
  • Control the theme of the player and the autohide of its bars (control bar and progress bar).
  • Autocheck for script updates once a day.

Note 1: To reproduce the video you can use a capable player like [VLC](


The script can be configured with "YousableTubeFix configuration" menu command (under "Tools" / "Greasemonkey" / "User Script Commands"), available when browsing a YouTube page.

Common problems and known bugs

The YousableTubeFix configuration menu command is only present when browsing a YouTube page. You have to be in a YouTube page to activate it.

Some users have reported that the Flashblock add-on can make the "stop autoplay" feature fail and break the YouTube's playlist. If you have problems with that feature or with the playlist, please try disabling the add-on before asking.

The HTTPS Everywhere add-on can break the script if enabled for "". Disable that site in the add-on options to workaround this problem.


If YousableTubeFix doesn't work as expected, disable any other Greasemonkey YouTube scripts you may have installed. The script assumes it is working in an unmodified YouTube page.

This script was based on ETcelera's YousableTube. It has been now fixed for the current YouTube design and completely rewritten. Many more features had been added.

Please post here any problems or suggestions you may have.