Unique Youtube Skin

By haluk Last update May 14, 2014 — Installed 33,874 times.

Script Summary: PERFECT YOUTUBE LAYOUT. Auto scale video size acc window size to get largest video. Video allways visible even scrolling. All content moves on sidebar and it can be auto hide/show. Only script you will need for youtube. See screenshots inside...

Version: 0.5.10

-Biggest possible video size according window size.
-Video allways visible with fixed position.
-Moves comments, related videos, description on right sidebar.
-Sidebar can be automaticly hided or dimmed.
-Like and share videos; read or write comments; explore related videos while video is still playing and still fully visible on left coloum.
-All features comes in a great dark theme

Auto Hide: Auto hides sidebar with every video load (scroll or press arrow keys to show)
Cool Black: Makes background dark in a very cool way
Reverse Layout: Video on the left, Sidebar on the right
Auto Expand Description: Auto expands description info
Expand Description onHover: Description collapsed and expands on mouseover
Collapse Comments: Comments collapsed and expands on mouseover
Collapse Related Videos: Related Videos collapsed and expands on mouseover
Logo to Subscriptions: Redirects Youtube Logo to subscriptions update
Fix Search Bar: Searchbar and logo allways on top.
Hide Scrollbar: Hides scrollbar (not working with firefox)
Hide Video Responses
Hide Comments
Hide Related Videos
Hide Search Bar
Z or Mouse move to right edge of window hides sidebar
X or Mouse Wheel shows sidebar
C opens settings

- you want to watch a video and go to youtube. %80 of page filled anything but video.
- you just want to see video

- install unique youtube skin and that's what you will see. only the video.
- it is largest possible size keeping aspect ratio same.
- even if you change your window size you still see only video thaks to fluid design of script.

- now you watched half of the video and want to see description or comments.
only thing you have to do touching mouse scroll or pressing "X" on keybord.
- a compact sidebar will open contains everthing. comes in a cool black theme which is optional.
- you can read comments or look related videos while video is still playing and still very large.
- done with the sidebar and want to watch video to end in large size, all you have to do move your mouse to right edge of window or pressing "Z" on keybord. sidebar will close

- video description section can be expanded by clickin on it
- comments section is scrollable. you can read comments to end withoud expanding. if you still want to expand click the empty space over the comment box
- small arrow next to search bar opens drop down bar that cointains your likes and playlists.
- related videos section can be expanded by moving mouse over it.
- video rating bars will appear under the thumbnails. so will know if video fake or crap before watching it.
- stop mouse over thubnails to animate them.

- almost every feature is optional. you can disable auto hiding sidebar. and you will always see sidebar and video together everytime.
- there is a reverse layout option to move sidebar right.
- every section on sidebar can be expanded by default
- there is a settings button next to subscribe button. pressing C also opens settings console.

- then there are html5 or flash player features.
- autohd: you can open videos always on 720p or what you prefer.
- autoplay: make videos pause at start or stop not load until you click.
- disable annotations.
- hide video controls
- buffer entire video (disabe dash playback)
- and so on.

- one great option for autoplay setting is "autopause on background". if you open it on same tab it will autoplay.
if you open video on background tab it will autopause video. and here is the greatness when you click that video you opened background it will play automaticly. (last step may not work for firefox) so you can open lots of videos background. while you are watching first one, others will load and buffer to end in hd. when you close first one, second one will autoplay...

Known Bugs:
in Html5 player progress bar button sometimes goes ahead red bar.
in Flash player playlist videos may stop after first video.
in Firefox hiding scrollbars not working
note: every tiny change that Youtube makes can brake script complately. plaase be patient for update.