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Redirect to

On any web page it will check if the clicked links goes to If so, the link will be rewritten to point to

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Shows password on mouseOver and focus, hides on mouseOut and blur

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uWaterloo LEARN D2L Resize

Widens the webpage for large monitors;Directly links to files

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Pokes people on Facebook

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Hide unwanted posters from Warriorsworld Main

Improve the quality of your life and save time by hiding all posts written by unwanted posters on This extension will also remove any responses because any time spent replying is a waste of time as well.

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البرنامج النصي جافا للحسابات المميزة 11.5

لتفعيل الحسابات المميزة بأستخدام ملفات تعريف الأرتباط

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WME Toolbox

Adds many features to the Waze editor.

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Create, manage and print your personal comments for geocaches on Move caches to their correct final location.

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Flickr: Clicking a tag will search in same phot...

Clicking a tag on a flickr photo-page will search the tag in the photostream that contains the photo (rather than in all of flickr). You can always change this later with the dropdown in the flickr search result page.

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Flickr: use non-justified views for Photostream...

Use non-justified thumbnails views for Photostreams and Sets. Improves Flickr usability for users with slow internet.

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Filtrer les Sorties OVS en fonction de l'âge d...

Script qui permet de filtrer les sorties OVS en fonction de l'âge de leur organisateur sans a avoir de compte premium. Les boutons "Recherche avancée >>" ou "Deviens Membre PREMIUM >>" du site sont remplacé par le script par deux listes déroula...

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Pink UI for Funnyjunk

A script I made, based on Posttwo's work.

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Hides posts from specific users

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GameCATs: GameFAQs Highlighting for v13

Highlights users on the message boards.

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YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD

Buffers the video without autoplaying and puts it in HD if the option is on. For Firefox, Opera, & Chrome ***Not My work*** Thanks to JoeSimmons

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Change search result for Google


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Old Twitter (black)

Old style Twitter layout.

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Captcha Counter

Counts the number of hits left until the next captcha

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Revamps the UI for

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Hide Ratings @Douban


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VIGO 2.2

Mejor Dormir :D

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PublicHD - Remove News

Removes the news section and other clutter from the homepage

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Kronos MCAnime - Mostrar los reproductores dent...

Muestra los reproductores de YouTube dentro de spoilers, aliviando la carga de la página y ahorrando espacio en la misma.

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JavaScript Premium Accounts form www.userscript...

To Activate The Premium Accounts

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s4s Dubs Check Autofill

Prefills quick reply with all unchecked dubs in the thread.

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