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Video and comments section alongside each other like on Android! , Dec 14, 2013
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For years I was looking for a simple possibility to watch youtube videos and read through the comments at the same time (which I like to do when I watch long tutorial videos and get to a point of the video where there is not a lot of interesting information for a few minutes until it gets interesting again) without having to scroll up and down all the time.

The YouTube Android App offered this kind of layout right from the start, so why not the PC browser version?

Also, the videos always look very small on a 1920x1080 display, but you don't always want to watch a video in fullscreen when you are doing some tasks at the same time.

This awesome and indeed 'unique' user script takes care of this: The video gets stretched to its max inside the browser window, while the video description, comments and video recommendations get placed in a row on either the left or the right side of the video (you can choose the position). By default, the row is hidden and in order to make it visible, you have to scroll down with your mouse wheel or with your touchpad, but you can also change this behaviour in the script settings.

It's even possible to activate a "night mode", where the colors of the background and the fonts get inverted (white fonts on black BG) in order to make browsing YouTube more comfortable on the eyes when it's dark.

It's also praiseworthy that the script author updates this script on a regular basis and manages to keep up with the (often extensive) changes of the YouTube design, like the recent introduction of the Google+ comments system.

I can highly recommend this script to everyone who wants to be able to read comments and watch the video simultaneously or wants to make maximum use of the screen real estate when browsing YouTube. The only thing that I would suggest changing is the name, because "Unique YouTube Skin" does not give any information about what this script does exactly, which is especially important when someone searches through and only the title of this script shows up in the search hit list. I'd suggest a title like "YouTube video & comments next to each other". But I guess it's a bit late for a change and maybe also not that necessary anymore, as this script already has gained a great number of positive ratings and is therefore going to get a lot of people to try it out anyways.

Finally, I also want to mention that this script works great in combination with the "YouTube Center" script if you adjust the settings. This way you can have flags alongside the user comments which display the nationality of the user, you can use buttons in order to download the video in .mp4 or .flv format or the audio only in .mp3, .ogg or .wav format. Most of the other tweaks which "YT Center" offers are already implemented in "Unique YouTube Skin", 'though.


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