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Facebook Friends Checker

Regularly checks your Facebook friends to check whether anyone has removed you from their friends.

3.76 25 reviews 503 186 9099313 Nov 27, 2011
facebook colour changer

Gives the option of changing the facebook colour scheme to anything you want using a colour selector.

3.0 13 reviews 67 48 726268 Dec 12, 2010

larger versions of thumbnails and profile pictures on mouseover on Based on inYOfaceBook and inYOfac3Book.

4.875 8 reviews 125 102 162434 Nov 9, 2010
google extra

Displays results for google image search, video search, wikipedia search, search and other language versions of wikipedia search alongside normal google searches.

5.0 3 reviews 142 144 76795 Jul 20, 2010
Facebook View Photo in Album

Adds a link above photos to see them in their albums, even if you're not friends with the photographer. Adds links to view all photos of a user together (regardless of who took them). Adds links to view whole galleries/albums on one page.

3.4 5 reviews 291 173 1114815 Mar 20, 2010
imdb runtimes in hours and minutes

Converts the runtime for films on IMDB from minutes into hours and minutes.

4.5 2 reviews 11 19 3674 Nov 15, 2009
Deviant enlarge

Displays fullsize versions (images that are too large are scaled to fit window) of thumbnail images on on mouseover.

4.875 8 reviews 64 32 24438 Aug 23, 2009
userscripts favourites

Allows users to store their favourite scripts on Favourite scripts can be viewed in a table.

5.0 1 review 70 41 3812 May 24, 2009
imdb ratings adder.

Adds ratings alongside titles on IMDB search results.

5.0 1 review 22 22 6048 Mar 31, 2009
User Scripts Search Sorting - With Install Rate

Modified version of a script by Brad Stewart. Adds installs per day to scripts on, enables sorting by this as well as all other sorts from the original script.

no reviews 21 56 7967 Feb 8, 2009
gravatar bigger avatar

enlarges avatars on on mouseover. Should also work for other sites that use gravatar avatars also, simply edit the includes.

no reviews 3 3 909 Jan 7, 2009
monkey avatars

Changes the avatars on back to the monkey face instead of gravatar's default kaleidoscope thing..

no reviews 0 2 214 Oct 10, 2008
userscripts blog new comment notifier

Shows when new comments have been made to blog posts on us.o

no reviews 0 1 94 Oct 1, 2008
imdb enlarge

Shows the fullsize version of images in imdb galleries on mouseover.

4.75 4 reviews 24 54 11122 Sep 18, 2008
Undo new facebook redesign

Puts the menu back from the top to the left. Also sorts out the banner so it looks better. (Updated 28 May for new 'Applications' menu).

no reviews 7 1 13706 May 17, 2008
eBay hide duplicate results

easy toggle to show or hide bunches of repeated results in eBay searches

no reviews 10 2 1098 May 9, 2008
Facebook Date Fixer

Changes dates on facebook from middle endian form (month day, year) to little endian form (day month year).

no reviews 0 3 593 Apr 30, 2008
imdb hide cast

gives the option of showing or hiding the cast list on main title pages on imdb.

no reviews 0 1 283 Apr 9, 2008
userscripts forum search minimiser

Minimises reaults of userscripts forum searches, allowing you to quickly scan topic titles of search results.

no reviews 3 2 255 Feb 25, 2008
5 random scripts

Shows 5 random scripts in the right hand column on the us.o ( front page

no reviews 7 6 836 Dec 9, 2007
blogspot enlarge

Displays fullsize pictures larger when you roll over smaller ones on blogspot blogs.

no reviews 0 3 3336 Dec 4, 2007
collegehumor wider, no adverts

Makes the central column of the website wider, and the right hand column less wide. The top bar's reorganised slightly, and the annoying adverts are removed.

no reviews 0 2 1104 Nov 29, 2007
Hotmail javascript link fixer

Changes javascript links in hotmail messages into normal links. Also enables middle-clicking on links etc.

no reviews 3 2 2669 Jul 16, 2007
imdb age adder

Adds age of people on imdb after their date of birth.

no reviews 7 8 2833 Jul 4, 2007
show new comments and updates - favorites

Show which scripts on your favourite scripts-page that has new comments or updates since last time you checked on

no reviews 7 6 280 Jun 25, 2007
facebook left menu always expanded

Makes the menu on the left always expended, with no 'more' or 'less' or horizontal bar.

no reviews 6 6 2004 Jun 19, 2007
UK Banks login redirect

redirects to online banking login pages for UK banks. Works with Abbey, Barclays, Barclaycard, Halifax, NatWest, Nationwide, HSBC, RBS, Alliance & Leicester, Northern Rock and Lloyds TSB.

no reviews 0 0 435 May 24, 2007 forums search fixer

Converts search terms to lower case to avoid the bug in searching on the forums.

no reviews 2 2 331 May 21, 2007
Printer Friendly Redirect

Redirects to printer friendly pages if it can find one. A printer icon appears in the corner of such pages. Clicking it turns on the redirect. Clicking again turns it off. Printer friendly pages are cleaner than articles and not on multiple pages.

no reviews 24 8 2930 May 13, 2007
google image direct

Goes straight to the actual image on a google images search if you mouseover whilst holding the alt key.

no reviews 4 1 1131 Apr 22, 2007
Hotmail AutoCheck

Checks the Hotmail inbox for new messages at a specified time interval. A popup appears to alert when there are new ones. (NB. only works if inbox is open in a window/tab).

no reviews 0 0 997 Apr 20, 2007
tiscali megs

Changes the table on the tiscali 'view internet usage' page to display megs send and received instead of bytes.

no reviews 0 0 344 Apr 16, 2007
facebook - blue colour scheme

new banner added, blue colour scheme implemented, minor layout changes.

5.0 1 review 0 1 2362 Apr 12, 2007

Displays the pictures larger when you roll over smaller ones on Modification of inYOfaceBook.

no reviews 5 6 8515 Mar 23, 2007 printer friendly redirect

Redirects articles to the printer friendly page on

no reviews 0 0 686 Mar 18, 2007