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Google Translation Listener

Listen to phrases in one language and their translations in another via Google Translate

no reviews 0 1 25 Apr 26, 2013
Bing Translation Listener

Listen to an array of phrases in one language and their translations in another.

no reviews 0 1 56 Jan 5, 2013
Determine Pinterest M/F Ratio

This script will add a [?] button at the top of the pinterest homepage. Clicking this button will trigger the script to analyze the gender of all commenters it can find by matching the first name of the commenter to the male and female name lists ...

no reviews 0 0 698 May 15, 2012
Promote Twitter Lists

Puts the user's twitter lists in a convenient place on the timeline homepage.

no reviews 0 1 768 Jan 24, 2012
Select Mint Duplicates

Go to the Transactions tab of and find a new button to select the automatically select the duplicates in the list so you don't have to read through them.

5.0 1 review 0 3 1971 Dec 31, 2011
hide Facebook chat bar

Hide the large chat/update bar now occupying the entire right side of Facebook. This script is under the GNU license.

no reviews 0 1 1446 Jul 18, 2011
hide Google Plus elements from GMail

Hide the Google+ notification count and the "Share..." bar from the top of Gmail.

5.0 3 reviews 1 2 5474 Jul 13, 2011
Non-native Retweet Option

adds a non-native Retweet option to Twitter statuses, that will paste the status message into the update textfield with the "RT @user message" syntax.

no reviews 0 1 4709 Mar 20, 2011

Get RottenTomatoes tomatometer ratings and consensus in the Netflix info popup when you hover over a movie.

no reviews 0 1 2005 Mar 19, 2011
Tumblr Stats Button

Now you can check content stats of the tumblr you're visiting simply by clicking a new button that appears at the top of the page with the follow and dashboard buttons.

no reviews 0 1 7341 Feb 25, 2011
Tumblr Stats

Get quick stats on a Tumblr of interest without leaving the dashboard.

no reviews 4 3 51124 Feb 21, 2011
Clarify Twitter

Make a series of small edits to tweets so it easier to read. Only works on new twitter.

5.0 1 review 0 0 501 Jan 12, 2011
Basecamp ToDo Count

Shows you the number of uncompleted todos for any project in the ToDo tab of the Basecamp navigation.

4.0 1 review 0 1 269 Apr 12, 2010
Facebook (notice count)

Sets your tab title for facebook page to read "Facebook (#)" where '#' is the number of new notices. The title updates every 10 seconds. Note: You must have chat enabled.

no reviews 0 1 445 Mar 17, 2010
Twitter Scalar

Shrink and enlarge a user's statuses on Preferences saved in cookies for return visits. This is similar to the view options in Twitteriffic.

no reviews 0 0 85 Dec 11, 2009