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Better Loopy for YouTube

The BEST plugin to automatically loop (repeat) YouTube videos - Full, or just a part of it, with loads of other features! Works seamlessly with Firefox 3.6.* and above, and Chrome as well ! Beware of cheap copies. :) *** SUPPORTS HTML5 VIDEOS,...

4.79166666666667 24 reviews 285 103 480766 Jun 23, 2014
HN Fix Expired Link

Adds a link to home page on the expired link page, with an optional auto redirect feature

no reviews 0 0 15 Sep 26, 2013
Better Shabdkosh

A small script for fixing some temporary problems and adding some quick enhancements in

no reviews 0 0 37 Mar 8, 2013

Convert ad-full indirect links on or to direct video links, saving you from a lot of junk redirects and stupid ads.

no reviews 0 1 519 Mar 1, 2013
FreeRice 2 Auto Feed

The simple 'auto feed rice to hungry' script which is made for version 2.0. Works in both Firefox and Chrome. Just run it once a day and help end World Hunger :)

5.0 2 reviews 0 3 2889 Jul 30, 2011
ToodleDo Search Tab Counts

Add task count in selected 'Search' Tabs on, just like any other page on this website - making some people's task management easier.

no reviews 3 2 502 Dec 21, 2010
Text Compare By URLs

Allows calling with any two URLs on the internet ! You can better (visually) compare two versions of your scripts, or the contents of just any two links.

no reviews 0 1 231 Dec 4, 2010
Better Loopy Updater

Dont install, this is PhasmaExMachina's original script edited for the specific needs of 'Better Loopy for YouTube'( Use his script instead.

no reviews 0 0 382581 Dec 3, 2010
Better ToodleDo Slim

The script keeps on refreshing your task lists(any of them) on your set frequency so that the updates from other Toodledo services are visible without you having to click the Refresh button on the toodledo Slim page/gadget. Also, corrects the 'Too...

no reviews 0 1 543 Nov 1, 2010
Installs Since Last Visit

A simple utility for script authors to quickly see the increase in installs count for each of their scripts, since they last visited their 'Script management' page.

no reviews 0 0 214 Oct 30, 2010
Test GM Node Inserted compatibility

This is a test script, please don't install this.

no reviews 0 0 208 Oct 26, 2010
ToodleDo Full Screen

Adds a small expand/collapse button to ToodleDo's main page. This script will be merged to one of my other scripts, so don't be surprised if you don't find it here on the same link. But it should be there in the 'Other scripts by author' section.

no reviews 0 1 269 Oct 25, 2010