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steeev Scriptwright

yep lovelybear has spammed one of my scripts, and another user "mary" has also spammed me (both on my flickr warn + delete script)

vOidSenses Scriptwright


[edit]but i'm not sure, since his scripts does have little differences, at least the ones i saw[/edit]

Henrik N Admin

Nuked Mary. No time to look into the last mentioned spammer (kkugel, #15386) right now.

Mortimer Scriptwright

got spammed here:

alien_scum Scriptwright

hansimausi/lovelybear seems to be back again as sweetloly

Henrik N Admin

sweetloly nuked.

znerp Scriptwright

A collection of very similar/the same scripts by KRAYZiiE.

tcd Scriptwright

script is a copy of Please remove the copy.

jordidg Scriptwright - a user copying other people's scripts

pogue User

This user has created a script to steal cookies. Obviously, this user needs to be banned from this site:

Descriptor Scriptwright

Good job getting it shut down pogue, I wasted my time looking it up, but I'll post this anyway.
RAbuseHandle: ALPHA-ARIN
RAbuseName: AlphaRed Abuse
RAbusePhone: +1-713-739-0415
RAbuseEmail: [email protected]

LouCypher Scriptwright

This user has created a script to steal cookies. Obviously, this user needs to be banned from this site

Not only that, all kwel's scripts (including mine)are stolen from other users' scripts and have been modified to steal cookies.

Good job, pogue :D

Joel H Scriptwright

first seen:

all 15 posts nearly identical.


Descriptor Scriptwright

First post almost looks legit, then spammer employed a bot of some sort, it seems (matching YouTube and Video).
OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE51-ARIN
OrgAbuseName: Abuse Department
OrgAbusePhone: +1-480-624-2505
OrgAbuseEmail: [email protected]

Jesse Andrews Admin

I deleted all of kewl's scripts... :( btw, there is a feed now for new scripts: for those of you who want to help police this...

btw, email me: [email protected] if I'm slow to react to the forums!

davey User

Kewl is back -;scripts

he/she is still using the same hosting provider as well...

oh, and a copycat too, using a pretty obvious name at that -;scripts

davey User;scripts

another one.

Jesse Andrews Admin

deleted both of those people - thanks davey!

V-i-k-a-s P-... Scriptwright

Request you to give a thought to various FLOODING scripts circulating around, especially the ones for Orkut.

These scripts are used to post multiple, repetitive messages in users scrapbooks, testimonials, even in communities and wherever such posts are possible. These are also being used by people to abuse others. They generate work for orkut members who have to delete 400 testimonials they are flooded with or who have to ignore or ban 30 fakes and remove their scraps or community posts.

And orkut becomes slow and gives "bad, bad server, no donut for you" as the server remains busy filing the 100,000,000,000th scraps of five friends who are engaged in a contest of the highest scrap holder of the planet and are flooding their own scrapbooks from their 100 fakes 24x7x30 using these scripts.

I feel that even if such scripts could be an example of technical expertize of the developers of these scripts, these have now become a nuisance just like spam or virus.

Please give it a thought whether flooding scripts should also be included in Spam and malware and should be deleted from this site.

davey User

ironically enough, most of the cookie-stealing scripts were hacked okrut scripts.

V-i-k-a-s P-... Scriptwright

Thanks davey. For all the nice work you have done in getting the cookie stealing scripts deleted.

hackers are having a field day at orkut stealing cookies by scripts or stealing userid/ pwd by using fake login pages of orkut (phishing) and Orkut admin doesn't do anything at all.

I commend userscripts that you guys have taken steps to prevent the menace.

Orkut admin needs to learn how to run a site from you guys.

V-i-k-a-s P-... Scriptwright

user;scripts has following two scripts:
Interactive Scrap Flooder
Interactive scrap flooder.Enter text easily in the js promptbox and it will start an infinite loop.Created by Vivek Narayanan

Install script Interactive Community Flooder
A script to send an infinite loop of messages to orkut communities.

Can anyone tell any useful purpose of scripts that run on infinite loop?

These can only be used to flood the scrapbooks and communities in orkut thus creating nuisance.

Why allow such things to be propagated from this site? Please give a thought.

Descriptor Scriptwright

Spam post -
By user -

Timothy Scriptwright

KRAYZiiE's scripts are also, just a copy of my script.

Aaron Patterson Scriptwright

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