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Raffles Scriptwright

Lots of scripts that advertise spammers' websites.

And many more. A search for "scrap" will bring up loads. They all seem to have a title like "scrap all ur friends" or "scrap all yr friends".

If these people (using the term loosely) are creating the accounts with bots and bypassing the captcha perhaps some more robust account creation method is necessary. If not, then there's probably not much that can be done. :(

riddle Scriptwright

The same here, "scrap" is spamming all over the site. :(

loudambiance Scriptwright

I saw a script earlier that would filter out scripts, my thoughts were why is this useful, then I realized how many of those scrap yr friends scripts there were.

Joel H Scriptwright

Hey all.

I was responding to this poor, confused guy here: and, after I posted my response, went to see what he was trying to install. Naturally, it was one of the Scrap scripts. Apparently it's an orkut thing. Based on his request for help, my guess is that some very confused people got a hold of some very wrong documentation, and instead of using the script, they instead created accounts and uploaded the script to this site. At this point I don't believe it's a malicious thing, but that's not to say it's not problematic. I'll look into this a bit more tonight and report what I find.


Edit: further evidence here

Howard Scriptwright

zaki posts spam on my script site

it looks like he's posted the same spam 3 dozen times

sizzlemctwizzle Scriptwright

zaki is a spammer. he has posted spam on this script as well as twice on my script

matrixik Scriptwright

Again zaki, 8 spam posts:

matrixik Scriptwright


Dink Scriptwright

Please remove anyone and everything that has to do with "it sends scrap to all yr friends!!"..that crap is killing this site.

Matthew P. Scriptwright

Please, please get some sort of better account creation. All of these are spam:"It+sends+scrap+for+all+the+friends""It+sends+scrap+to+all+of+ur+friends+at+once!!"

And most of these (this one encompasses most of the previous ones too, but may contain legit scripts):"scrap+all"

theaulddubliner Scriptwright

a comment in YouTube "Lights Out" – contains a link to an unrelated site

i don't know whether it is ok as a signature or considered spam

NotStyle User

=|||, i think this must by stoped, this spam realy sucks:

Install script scrap all

It sends scrap to all of ur friends at once!!

shoe User

Wouldn't it be possible to write a little server-side Perl script to find duplicate entries, and delete all but one (no, this is from pests, delete them all), and maybe collect the author's data, and ban him from further posts.

Or how about one of those distorted codes that each author/poster must enter?

(P.S. In consideration of others, would everyone please use proper capitalization and punctuation? A little more effort from you makes it much easier for your many readers to read.)

Arvid Scriptwright

Spammer cheng:
also spammed here:

Arvid Scriptwright


Arvid Scriptwright

Could be a spammer, could just be annoying.

steve30x User

CCould somebody please do something about that Scrap all script. Its all over the site

anonymous_user User

is there any kind of spam protection on registration? this sux man

TastyFlySoup Scriptwright

if i could get my way i would disallow all scripts that include orkut, i have no idea what orkut is and personally..i really couldnt care, but just about every single spam script on this entire site has something to do with it
im tempted to make a script that just hides all scripts that have orkut in the includes

bobielawlintine Scriptwright

I really wish something could be done about the "scrap all" spam. It makes searching for scripts harder.

Rohit Kumbhar Scriptwright



Rohit Kumbhar Scriptwright

orkut is a social networking site by Google. I'd say disable account creation,script addition for a while. May be working out digg/slashdot style moderation system could help. I don't know Ruby but I can learn and help if required.

Jesse Andrews Admin

Rohit and others, I've posted news on the scrap all stuff:

and previously

Joel H Scriptwright

Arguably spammer:

Posted several 'short text and a link' comments to a .flv downloader, but they all appeared to be on at least semi-relevant topics, so this may have been a false alarm on my part.


wotan User

and many others.