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ekbworldwide User

If youtube gives you the "This video is not available in your country" message can it still be watched? And if so - how?

This has been asked here before (and it's been asked all over the net) - but youtube seems to have recently made things far tougher.

All the workarounds I found no longer work.

The message youtube gives is "We're sorry, this video is no longer available" - which is a lie - the video is blocked.

a proxy example

All BBC videos are blocked if you are in the US.

YouTube - BBC's Channel
The entire video div is gone and the part under it takes its place.

Because of the way that the BBC is funded in the UK through the licence fee, we cannot make videos available outside of the UK.

Using a proxy (well - at least this one) doesn't work.

YouTube - BBC's Channel
[via a proxy]

The message is "We're sorry..."

I wonder if all such proxies are now blocked by youtube.

The full screen trick now fails

A workaround was to shorten the url. By replacing
with just
to get full screen mode.

The trick doesn't work anymore...

Here's a BBC video as an example "luuX1nAd17A"


...after you click play, it doesn't work and the message is "We're sorry..."


I have FoxyProxy...


...but it seems impossible to get it to work on particular urls. It seems it must have patterns to work.



I also opened a new tab and used Firebug to stick the BBC video example "luuX1nAd17A" into object and embed tags and embed it into the empty tab - that didn't work either - the message was "We're sorry..."

Aquilax Scriptwright

There are two different types of proxies: transparent and anonymous.
Transparent proxies add some http headers to the request to let know to the web server that you are using a proxy and where are you from, this means the proxy send also your ip to the web server.
If you want to anonymize your requests, hide your ip, you have to use an anonymous proxy.

znerp Scriptwright

Or you could always move to the UK and buy a TV licence. I'm still somewhat bitter about having to pay for one considering I barely watch TV these days.

ekbworldwide User

Does anybody want to take a stab at this question: If I find an anonymous proxy in the UK - what are the chances it will let me watch BBC videos on youtube?


Oddly - BBC videos aren't 100% blocked - some of them do play. The current BBC profile video is not blocked - it plays on the profile and on its own link.

Your Country Needs You! - UK Eurovision Song Contest Entry 2009 - BBC One

Does youtube's blocking have a weak link?

@ Aquilax

That's very useful to know.

@ znerp

> Or you could always move to the UK and buy a TV licence.

There's always a fly in the ointment. Yesterday I wanted to watch something based in Canada.


I hate redirection.

// ==UserScript==
// @name           ekb youtube [where the hell was I going?]
// @namespace      ekbworldwide
// @include*
// @include        http://**
// ==/UserScript==


I thought that would give me the url of the video I was going to. But it doesn't work - the alert is blank.

I want to stick the title and the url of the video above the phrase "This video is not available in your country." - how can I do that?

ekbworldwide User

I found a list of anonymous UK proxies - but I have no idea how to use them...

Proxy Lists. Sorted by country. List #29

Yansky Scriptwright

I'm pretty sure you'd have to write it as a firefox extension in order to use proxies.

ekbworldwide User

>> I'm pretty sure you'd have...

Well that's way beyond me. Every now and then I'll google the issue to see if anybody has created a workaround. Since copyright and ad money are at stake google/youtube most likely hasn't left a back door open. But time will tell.


Could somebody answer this question I asked a few posts ago:

I want to stick the title and the url of the video above the phrase "This video is not available in your country." - how can I do that?

youtwistedba... User

Hi ekbworldwide. I came across this thread while googleing for the same thing. Here's how to use the proxies with Firefox:
- Edit or Tools (depends on the OS) -> Preferences -> Advanced -> Network -> Settings;
- Check the "Manual proxy configuration" radio;
- For "HTTP Proxy" enter the proxy's ip, for "Port" - the proxy's port.

Those setting should work fine for derTübrer, I mean Youtube.
But be aware that some proxies act like portals and will redirect you to random proxies around the world. I suggest you use this site to tell what's the location of the ip you'll be using.
And here's an UK proxy from that list that works as expected:

I hope that helps, and buddy, let us know if you find any other workarounds, will ya? Best wishes.

youtwistedba... User

Err... why the hell doesn't that post show?!

Jesse Andrews Admin

A bug that has since been fixed

Aquilax Scriptwright

To use a proxy you have to configure it in the connection options:

Menu --> Tools --> Options... --> Advanced --> Network --> Connection --> Settings...

Choose the radio button "Manual proxy configuration", copy paste the proxy IP in the HTTP Proxy text box, don't forget to set the port too.

Korayem Scriptwright

Just use []( to download any video you want!

SilentJay User

most proxies suck.. i just use [](

possumboy Scriptwright

This post has been marked as spam. Do you or

The issue is that flash can "bypass" your browsers proxy settings. Hence you can't just go on from outside the us on a proxy. It won't work.
A way around may be to use the html5 beta, and then use a proxy ^^

plussziescript User

You can use []( & []( to watch the videos that are blocked in your country or domain.

It really depends on the server speed and ping of these proxy sites I've found that all above sites have excellent buffering.