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electrotype Scriptwright

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

Couchy wrote:
Someone is crapflooding the script development forum with tons of these threads:
We need to invent an anti-spam bot.

Vivre Scriptwright

no new (discuss) topics possible


since 2 days I can't create anymore new discuss-topics and get the 500 monkey error page.
And now I tried - it's also 'disabled' for new topics in the forum.

Could anyone confirm this please,
is it a side-effect of that heavy spam-attac,
or could it just happen on my side ?

greetings ~ V

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

I haven't tried to create a new thread, but opening topics and using Flag Spam are starting to get 500 errors 10-20% of the time.

Could we temporarily disable adding information to a poster's profile (website and bio) until they have 10 posts? Maybe that would discourage these spammers.

Vivre Scriptwright

@Jeff thanks for your reply

but could you do a test please? or s.o.else who reads this?

I just spam-flaged about 40 posts in a row had not a single 500 issue.

Besides it's again up to 11 pages and I don't know if it is worth at all if I'd investigate again to flag them all (11 x 30 posts) - is it helpfull or unneeded?
And isn't it a kind of 'double-spamming' as the /spam collector gets just the same flood by this?

Robba User

Facebook hack

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

Vivre wrote:
I just spam-flaged about 40 posts in a row had not a single 500 issue.
Besides it's again up to 11 pages and I don't know if it is worth at all if I'd investigate again to flag them all (11 x 30 posts) - is it helpfull or unneeded?
It's working for me at the moment. And is it futile? I don't know. It's the easiest for the admins but a pain for us...

Couchy Scriptwright

Can we have ajax spam reporting? The current form submit is just painful on the /spam page.

Vivre Scriptwright

@Jeff - ok I'll commence flagging tomorrow (too late night now)

meanwhile: I asked another USO member to check if he could open a new topic and he replied he can't either

I also had a look if I could find any new topic from within these last days - but found none. All new postings had been added to 'older topics'.

Dilemma: many users can't even announce this not knowing where to go or without 'missusing' an existing topic.

Mindeye Scriptwright

bvhfsk8ds9a posted this spam.

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

I can't create a new thread either. Must be too much bot activity.

SBscripts Scriptwright

Fake script

The following script is either spam or malware:

Poster info
Profile URL/users/449228

Script info
NameFacebook Elitex Hack 2012
Script URL/scripts/show/131098

Fake reviews

The following users have posted fake reviews for this script:




firepol Scriptwright

This is a spammer and wrote a spammy review in my script page:

What about a "Flag Spam" also for the reviews? This is so much work... why not implement akismet as I suggested in "feedback & support"...

Vivre Scriptwright

3 days continuous spamming

= 30 pages filled with spam

& disabling of topic creation for members

10 hours later +10 pages full spam => 40 atm


current fake-Script: Facebook Ultimate Hack - /131256

for all see my previous post - page=98#posts-429417

Vivre Scriptwright

just being installed and pushed

current fake-Script: Facebook Ultimate Hack - /131256

for all see my previous post - page=98#posts-429417

.The list of pushers is increasing and increasing and increasing ... !!!

Vivre Scriptwright

H E L P _ ! ! !

@admin don't leave us this totally alone !!!

leave at least a reply that any support has been dropped and it is unnecessary to report any issue at all, likewise flagging all that spam (I flagged around 1800 in the last 4 days)

AND - myself and presumably many other members would like to be able to commence communication including care for our own script supports.

Please help and stop that spammer and re-enable topic creations.

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

Vivre, I voted for some of your flagged spams and they finally became blank. Unfortunately, the user avatar is still displayed, which links to the user's profile, so we haven't really solved the problem of removing the motivation for the spamming. We need to either get the confirmed spam messages off the forum completely, or remove all links to the spammer's profile from a confirmed spam message.

Would it help to use the other reporting system? Hmmm, worth a try.

Jefferson Scher Scriptwright

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Robba User


Fake users

Spam PMs from fake reviewers

SBscripts Scriptwright

PM spam: spammer, spam

SBscripts Scriptwright

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Jake Dahn Admin

Hey everyone, I'm aware of the crazy spammers, and I've a script that finds them and delete.

I've been super busy but I'm taking the time today to hopefully implement a fix.