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xmidoz User

ok, cool :D

armvdw User


ANOTHER abusive script detected !!!

Don't use the Rapidshare Link Checker script at

This script does check if files are avaliable at rapidshare(.com|.de) AND SILENTLY DOWNLOADS EVERYTHING FOUND IN THE BACKGROUND !!!!

You have been warned !

armvdw User

Well, sorry for my post above. I'm sure the author of the script had no bad intensions whatsoever.

Just make sure : READ THIS CAREFULLY !

-> If you have a Premium Account at, make sure you DISABLE the "Direct-downloads" option.

To do this :
1) Login to your PREMIUM Account.
2) Click "Options"
3) UNCHECK "Direct-downloads" option
4) Click SAVE
5) Now the script won't auto download all files found in the background.

xCSRFxAbel User

keep the good work.

atomic User

Remember to click view script then press Ctrl+F and c/p (copy paste or highlight the codes press ctrl+c then ctrl+v on the find area) the codes that are harmful and click find in order to make sure the script isn't harmful

renkat User

I am very confused, which I'm sure is only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the consequences I deserve for rushing in without even knowing what a script is.
I am on a mac (brand new) and downloaded the technorati script for blogger (in another tab before I knew downloading had begun). I followed the directions (I think) and ran a search string to find a file in Firefox called cookies.txt and I deleted it (haven't emptied trash because I think this may not be right).

Now I find this: Thats not necessary. There aren't any cookie stealing scripts on They've all been removed.
Does this mean I can/should restore the cookies file?

By the way, is deleting files the same as uninstalling them?

Seriously appreciate any help with this!

renkat User

Well, now every application on my mac crashes every fifteen minutes or so.
Haven't got a clue how to fix this. I switched to a mac because the pc kept locking up.
Is this all because of the script I installed and don't know how to uninstall?

Descriptor Scriptwright

Deleting cookies won't help anything, all you need to do is to remove the Greasemonkey extension from Firefox, not that it helps any now, but just so you know, a malicious script grabs cookies as they are set, so deleting the cookies file has no effect unless you block all cookies (it would be the same as allowing only session cookies).
I suspect you are having problems because you deleted Firefox files without closing the application first.
Search for an answer to your problems... []( ... ... [](

And all this is probably in the Help file.

elpeter Scriptwright

Hello, who can review code of a script to discard cooking steals? the script is:

It uses cookies, but i would like an expert review it to know if it's save or not.

Thanks a lot.

Jonatron Scriptwright

There really needs to be a rating system to mark "risky" scripts, and a way to tag ones that people think are bad.

Descriptor Scriptwright

@elpeter ; I think that script is OK. I don't know what it does, but I looked for a .location and a http: address but didn't see any, so I don't see that it can steal any cookies.

elpeter Scriptwright

@Descriptor: Thank you so much, I supose that, but I must be carefull ;P

chicago User

I dont understand. I have tried to go to c:\> find /i "cookie" *[filename|user].js bu it didn't work out. what should I do to fix this problem.

chicago User

what is that his cookie stealer?????? also how I can fix this thing? I have removed my scripts but I still dont understand anyone can help me??????????????

I think this thing is ver serious and bad. I would like to fix this please help me?

Descriptor Scriptwright

Scripts can't read your cookie file, they intercept cookies from the sites you visit.
For example just turn Greasemonkey off before you log in to your bank site, and there is no way a Greasemonkey script can steal that info.

Someone should correct me if I'm wrong, but I don't think there's any way to steal a cookie from a site you are not visiting (GM_xmlhttpRequest?).

If you see something unexpected happen after installing a script, like maybe it opens a new tab unexpectedly, then [uninstall that script]( - replace "Butler" on that page with the name of the script to remove. (needs FAQ entry in Wiki)

Kashif Ali Scriptwright

Hi Friends im new here whoz help and tell me how can use userscrpts to all and how can me use it???

zzo38 Scriptwright

I don't like the FBI. Please get rid of the FBI (however, I don't live in the United States anyways). I found one script that tells you it steals cookies that is the title of the script. Other ones that steal cookies you should instead just add a note to the description to make it clear what it is before people install it. Also if you want to check what it does, is always good idea to view source first before installing anything, because even if it isn't malicious, it might not be what you want anyways. You can also be free to modify a local copy of the script in case you want to modify it for not stealing cookies or to change any other functionality of the script.

LouCypher Scriptwright

I don't like the FBI. Please get rid of the FBI

Don't you love Mulder and Scully?

zzstar User

Can anyone guarantee that the script 'MyspaceHax' -- is safe to install?

Jordon Kalilich Scriptwright

zzstar: The script seems okay. It just puts links to your profile, pictures, blog, videos, etc. on your home page.

Descriptor Scriptwright

That script looks harmless, but I can't guarantee anything. Because it uses innerHTML and writes very poor (invalid) code onto the page, the result it might have is unknown.
For scripts that use innerHTML you want to be careful and check any links (href) and images (src) that they start with a known domain, in this case (and probably not "").

zzstar User

How do you uninstall Greasemonkey?

Joel H Scriptwright

Tools -> Add Ons, select Greasemonkey and hit 'Uninstall'. This is assuming that you want to get rid of Greasemonkey in its entirety, as opposed to deleting only one particular script.


zapatista User

im not downloading scripts:(

i dont speak english (: