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Script status (11th July)

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Takato Script's Author

There's a lot of topics I haven't responded to. I'm going to use this topic to explain things.

Recent Youtube updates have broken BWP and will continue to break BWP.
In the past I've spent too much time fixing things that Youtube breaks. Instead of improving the script, I just keep having to fix things that Youtube breaks.

To maintain my interest in BWP and ensure it'll continue to be developed, I've decided remove features that other scripts are already doing. That way I'm not wasting my time fixing that stuff when Youtube breaks it. I can instead spend time improving BWP (and fixing the other things that Youtube breaks).

The first thing removed is the center alignment of the page. I recommend that you all install Youtube Center Aligned to get that feature back. BWP and YT Center Aligned should work with each other, so if you find a bug please let me know.

Temporarily I've removed comment collapsing because it was broken. I'll fix comment collapsing in the next few days.

Player 3 is going to be moved into it's own script in the next few days. This means people will be able to use Player 3 without having BWP.

I'm going to add a tab to BWP's settings screen with links to recommended scripts (such as YT Center Aligned, and my Player 3 script when I release it). This will make it easy to find scripts which work with BWP.

Please use this topic to post bugs with the latest version of BWP (it is 2013.07.11.2 at the time of this post). I'm working on another update to be released today or tomorrow.

SteveBell Scriptwright

Great news :) Thanks for keeping this alive Takato. I think this is a fair strategy moving forward and really looking forward to auto-collapsed comments.

CrashBandiSp... User

The funny thing is that the center aligned thing makes your script much more broken than it is

LL25255252 Scriptwright

Here a list of my recommended YT addons/scripts which are compatible with BWP on Firefox 22 (as of September 16, 2013):

Youtube - Better Watch Page

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Youtube Centered

Youtube Ratings Preview :: Add-ons

YouTube Auto Replay :: Add-ons

View Youtube videos by same user

YouTube Animated Thumbnails & Hover Preview

YouTube Auto Buffer & Auto HD

YouTube Top Rated Sorted Comments

YouTube Comments Sorter

Takato Script's Author

I apologise I've been inactive again. Youtube constantly breaking the script combined with IRL busyness has made updating the script a lower priority.

There's a new update out now which clears up all the issues. It'll probably break it a few days as I notice Youtube is experimenting with more changes. But I'll try to update it quickly if that happens.