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Script Summary: v1.7.0 - Google search results formatted how you like. Now directly compatible with Opera and Chrome

Version: 1.7.0

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Welcome to GoogleMonkeyR :: v1.7.0

Please leave a comment if you have any problems

*** Important information ***

  • Please when reporting a bug state the url you searched with (lets me know what localisation to look at! and what type of ads may appear!)
  • and also state which version of firefox you are using



Google tracking: Privacy is an inherent human right! Keep it!

If you have the google toolbar plugin installed EVERY page you visit is reported back to google, even if you typed the URL straight into the address bar!!! I suggest you either remove the google toolbar plugin (as i have) or edit your host file. Instructions on how to do this can be found here


  • Allows you to select 1,2,3 and 4 columns of Google results. You can now use more of your screen space with less scrolling (based on the original concept of Two Column Google by Jeffrey Sharkey)

  • A background or border hue to your search results. Now configurable from the user dialogue with a simple color picker! [glooble](

  • Remove the Google "Sponsored Links". Like you need Google telling you where to buy stuff!

  • Result numbering. When looking at loads of results you can use this feature to quickly identify where you are and what relevance they may have (especially useful when we come to Auto-loading more results!)

  • Auto-load more results. Seen else where on This version of the scripts code has been streamlined to allow almost seamless result fetching when you approach the bottom of the screen. Never have to load the next page by hand! (based on the Definitive Google Auto Pager by PaweĊ‚ Kubisz)

  • Remove the web search dialogues from your Google pages. If you use FireFox's built in search dialoges why waste your valuable screen space when you can hide the extraneous elements away.

  • Make external Google links open in a new window/tab. Now this is configurable in your [Google preferences]( but not with the distinction between when your searching and when your using iGoogle. Well now you can!

  • Disable Google tracking your search results. Every time you click a link in your search results, the click gets reported back to Google for their statisticians to ponder over. If you are signed in to a Google account this click will be recorded in your search history. This function allows you to disable this reporting to Google completely or add an extra "Trackless" link to each of your search results.
  • Self updating when a new version of the script is available. Using the same technology seen in my other scripts you'll always be notified of updates. This feature checks every 24hours for later versions of the script. Opening the preferences will force a check there and then (although there is possible caching by FF). Also note currently this feature is only available in FireFox (Opera and Chrome don't allow cross site queries).

  • Thumbnails for each of your results. Incorporating resources from []( now allows you to see a thumbnail of the home page of each of your search results. If you use this feature think about helping out with the server costs and [donate](!

  • Favicons for each of your results. Show the sites favicon if you so choose... and, of course, they actually have one !)

  • Result flow direction. If you use multiple columns select either left to right or top to bottom newspaper style. If you use "Auto-load" the newspaper style is automatically paginated to try and keep some clarity in your results.

  • Remove the "Related Search" links You can now specify in the preferences to remove the "Related Search" links that sometimes appear at the top of your search results.

  • Remove the "Search Tools" links You can now remove the "Search Tools" links that appear to the left of your results.

  • And all of this can be configured through one simple screen. Simply click on the gear icon in the top right hand corner of your page, then on the GoogleMonkeyR settings link.
    settings lnk

    The original idea/concept for this wonderful preferences screen came from the Rllmuk User Ignore List script written by Jonathan Buchanan ([his web site]( Reading his code made me stop and look at how i wrote my own code... and then think about going back to school. Hats off!

  • Remove the Google "Site Preview" feature. You can now remove the "Site Preview" feature that appears when you click on the body of a result.

  • Now compatible with Opera and Google Chrome! After many of you asked for it I've finally altered the code to work on multiple browsers. Unfortunately the automatic update does not work in these browsers due to the lack of native cross domain requests

Outstanding Issues:

Incompatibility with other scripts:
If you search for google on you will find thousands and thousands of scripts that tinker with google. They will inadvertently disrupt one another if they try and alter the same DOM elements. There is no getting away from this, other that us developers spending time working around each other. Time is precious. If you find the solution to an incompatibility then feel free to let us developers know. Otherwise you're on your own!)

Google Instant predictions:
<strike>GoogleMonkeyR breaks Google instant</strike>... GoogleMonkeyR now plays quite well with Google instant


[v1.7.0]( - 01 Nov 2013
 - Bug fix: Google changes in some tlds fix for display issues

[v1.6.9]( - 15 Aug 2013 beta
 - Bug fix: Google changes in some tlds (all at some point in the near future)
 made the results not fill the screen width. One little css tweak to fix!

[v1.6.8]( - 14 May 2013 beta
 - Bug fix: Calculator results (single result) pages now work properly
 - Feature: Results numbered in news searches (if enabled).
 - Feature: Added a next page link to the loading image when auto load is
 enabled. This allows you to carry on with your search even if the auto load
 fails. Suggested by Isuzu.
 - Bug fix: When changing search method (browser toolbar to google search box)
 results from the original search could leak through.

[v1.6.7]( - 29 Apr 2013 beta
 - Feature: Right hand panel is now handled as a flyout tab.
 - Bug fix: Changes to the result processing trigger. Hopefully it will
 catch more iterations
 - Feature: Loads more logging options (internal use for now)
 - Bug fix: On failure to process results properly (no results displayed)
 a result request run state won't occur i.e. No flood of requests to
 google, resulting in a capcha being displayed.

[v1.6.6]( - 26 Apr 2013
 - Checkout the changes from v1.6.4 unless you've been upgrading manually!
 - Bug fix: "Sponsored Links" ad removal on rhs
 - Bug fix: white-space:nowrap causing divs to overlap
 - Feature: back to top link now uses CSS transitions

[v1.6.5]( - 26 Apr 2013
 - Bug fix: Showing of favicons for https results and results with port
 - Bug fix: A fix for google chrome's DOM event limitations
 - Bug fix: A fix for chrome's horrible way of dealing with the lack of
 GM_getValue and GM_setValue functions. What were they thinking?!

[v1.6.4]( - 25 Apr 2013
 - Bug fix: Showing results after google changes approx 24 Apr 2013
    Fixed trackless links
    Fixed favicons and GooglePreview
    Fixed "Sponsored Links" ad removal
 - Feature: Addition of back to top link when autoload results is selected and
 scrolled down the page a way

[v1.6.3]( - 21 Mar 2013
  - Bug fix: Only remove the left results margin if more than one column of
  results is selected.
 - Bug fix: Searches Related to only moved to the top if autoload more results
  is selected.

[v1.6.2]( - 18 Jan 2013

 - Bug fix: Missing GoogleMonkeyR options on /webhp? pages
 - Bug fix: Result positioning on all pages
 - Bug fix: Currency conversions were being hidden. Thanks cip
 - Bug fix: Searches related to moved to top
 - Bug fix: "Don't display the Google web search dialogues" corrected position
 of preferences link
 - Bug fix: loading animation not displaying on google instant further
 searches. Thanks smk
 - Bug fix: Sublink tracking bug. Cheers smk!
 - Bug fix: Rollover of images in general results now shows an enlarged version
 of the image. Thanks r600
 - Feature: Removal of remove "Search Tools" as its now obsolete
 - Feature: Addition of remove "Right Panel" setting

[v1.6.1]( - 14 Jan 2013
 - Bug fix: Missing Fav icons on first results
 - Bug fix: Missing preview images on first results
 - Bug fix: Missing open in new tab/window on first results

[v1.6.0]( - 17 Dec 2012
 - Bug fix: Page width with autoload more results enabled
 - Bug fix: Inline numbered results
 - Bug fix: No results on image searches
 - Bug fix: Settings link enabled eveywhere (hopefully)
 - Bug fix: GM_functions being overwritten. thanks derjanb

[v1.5.4]( - 6 Dec 2011
- Bug fix: GoogleMonkeyR preferences link moved after googles update to the
menu bar. Thanks for the info on how to get it digideth!

Since this Google update i'm unsure what to do about removal of search boxes
etc. I could start moving elements around on the page but through experience
i'm sure this will end up breaking the script more often. Not good!
beta versions (with elements moved around for new toolbar ONLY) can be found

[v1.5.3]( - 21 Nov 2011
- Bug fix: Addition of https includes. Thank you @J-Mac!
- Bug fix: Multiple columns of results were sometimes spilling out of the width
of the browser (giving horizontal scrollbars). Now Fixed!

[v1.5.2]( - 5 Oct 2011
- Bug fix: Repaired top margin on image results. Thanks to trup for the screen
shot, version info and link to a problem page! Easy to track down bugs when
this sort of info is provided ;)

[v1.5.1]( - 5 Oct 2011
- Bug fix: Repaired Cached and Similar links when Disable Google tracking my
search results is checked.
- Bug fix: Altered the position of the Advanced Search link when Don't display
the Google web search dialogues is checked (works better on smaller screens).
- Bug fix: Corrected the positioning of elements at the top of the page on
image searches.
- Bug fix: Shopping searches now show the your location / sort by top tool bar.
- Bug fix: Video search now shows thumbnails for auto loaded content.

[v1.5]( - 25 Sep 2011
- Bug fix: result container width has been limited in a recent update. Now
fixed. Thanx @ck0743 and @Phil699 for your patience
- Bug fix: Various other fixes after the most recent google updates. 4 hours
coding in all just to get it back to how it was! Deep joy ;)

[v1.4.7]( - 21 Jul 2011
- Bug fix: First results we partially hidden when "Don't display the Google
web search dialogues" was selected
- Bug fix: Update banner was hidden below the top black bar
- Bug fix: Removed duplicate did you mean, again! Thanks andi-03!
- Feature: Now using Google favicons as suggested by None Nosome. Cheers!

[v1.4.6]( - 9 Jul 2011
- Bug fix: Missing thumbnail images on subsequent pages of results when auto
load is enabled.
- Bug fix: Trackless links fixed. Thanks @eatmorglue!

[v1.4.4]( - 20 Feb 2011
- Bug fix: Missing thumbnail images on subsequent pages of results when auto
load is enabled

[v1.4.3]( - 18 Feb 2011
- Bug fix: Changed the browser (GreaseMonkey) detection method to a more
generic function. This should stop problems with FF beta v11+.
Thanks to Babbalucio and Qudeid for identifying the line the error seen in
FFb11 was occuring.
- Layout: Hopefully corrected the removal of duplicate "Did you mean?",
"Showing results for..." and "More results for..." without removing potential
"No results found for...". One day i'll get it right!)
- Layout: Corrected positioning of result stats/search dialogue with instant
search on or off.
- Bug fix: Updated https @includes for the encrypted subdomain as noted
by SeeFood. Thanks!

[v1.4.2.1]( - 17 Feb 2011
- Layout: Moved settings link under the options (gear) icon

[v1.4.2]( - 17 Feb 2011
- Bug fix: Now works with the new top toolbar

[v1.4.1]( - 24 Dec 2010
- Bug fix: Allowed port numbers in the page preview code as per RobinRosengren's
suggestion. Cheers.

[v1.4 beta]( - 17 Dec 2010
- Rebuild: Now one script for all browsers (including chrome!) with no
dependencies on any other scripts (opera). No automatic updating in anything
other than firefox atm!
- Bug fix: Corrected the positioning of result numbering
- Bug fix: Removed duplicate did you mean
- Feature: Now you can remove googles Site Preview feature

[v1.3.8.1 beta]( - 26 May 2010
- Feature: Changed/updated @includes to allow for https searching as requested
by auscompgeek

[v1.3.8]( - 24 May 2010
- Layout: Position adjustment of loading image and txt for auto load
- Bug fix: Second "Showing results for" prompt is now removed when Google
thinks you have misspelled your search term.
- Bug fix: First "Did you mean" prompt is now removed when Google thinks you
have misspelled your search term.

[v1.3.7 beta]( - 10 May 2010
- Bug fix: Certain links in the search tools panel caused a reload of results
but removed the first chunk of them when auto load was turned on.
- Bug fix: Display of end of results notification when auto load is enabled.
- Bug fix: Trackless links were sometimes appearing to early in the results
when translate this page links occur.
- Bug fix: "Show more results from" links now open inline as expected.
- Feature: Update of result stats with auto load enabled.

[v1.3.6]( - 09 May 2010
- Bug fix: Duplicate entries when "Auto load more results" is selected. Looks
like i introduced a bug back in v1.3.0 (Oct 09) during a code clean up. I'd
managed to double quote two regex values that may have resulted in duplicates
appearing when your default "Number of Results" returned by Google was anything
other than 10.
- Bug fix: "More search tools" link removed the first X amount of results from
your search results. Where X is the "Number of results" per page set in your
Google preferences. This has now been resolved.
- Thank you gauravbaadshah! Your (continued) well presented bug reports are
helping to make GoogleMonkeyR as good as it should be!

[v1.3.5]( - 08 May 2010
- Feature: Added the ability to show/remove the "Search Tools" (left panel)
that has appeared in the latest Google update.
- Bug fix: Selectors updated for trackless links. Should now pick up more
results and create the assosiated trackless links.
- Bug fix: Repositioning of key elements when preferences remove "Related
Searches", "Sponsored Links" or "Search Tools".

v1.3.4 - 07 May 2010
- Bug fix: Recent Google changes have been addressed in this update. I hope to
have another update shortly that will address some display issues when auto-load
is used and you approach the bottom of the page.

v1.3.3 - Unreleased
- Bug fix: All "Did you mean?" prompts were removed when Google thought you had
misspelled your search term. This is now corrected.
Thanks to MasterMind33 for the heads up! Appreciated!
- Bug fix: Trackless links added when Cached/Simlar links don't exist

v1.3.2 - 02 Dec 2009
- Bug fix: When you follow links with the .../#hl=... type of format the script
fails to trigger. I've now added the include*
Big thanks to Hiromacu for finding the bug!

v1.3.1 - 10 Oct 2009
- Bug fix: Possible infinite loop bug with /webhp? pages.

v1.3.0 - 09 Oct 2009
- Bug fix: When searching using the "on page" search dialogs, the script was
not triggering properly. The fix implemented is only a band-aid and when google
implement more changes, it will fail. I am working on the issue when i get time
- Feature: Added an extra option in preferences to remove the "Related
Search" links that sometimes appear at the top of your search results.
- Feature: Added an extra option in the preferences to select the flow
direction of your results when you use multiple columns. Either left to right
or top to bottom newspaper style. If you use "Auto-load" the newspaper style
is automatically paginated to try and keep some clarity in your results.
- Bug fix: Added the include for "/ig?*" urls (iGoogle)
- Cleanup: Reduced the amount of code for the creation and styling of elements
using the function document.buildElement
- Feature: Now works on "/webhp?*" search urls
Thanks to gauravbaadshah for pointing this out!
- Bug fix: Removed Googles results width limiting

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