FreeRice 2 Auto Feed

By Piyush Soni Last update Jul 30, 2011 — Installed 2,880 times.

Script Summary: The simple 'auto feed rice to hungry' script which is made for version 2.0. Works in both Firefox and Chrome. Just run it once a day and help end World Hunger :)

Version: 1.5

Script Deleted - 29th July 2011 !

On the request of the United Nations World Food Programme Team in their e-mail to me dated 29th July 2011, I am hereby removing the script and it won't work anymore. I had requested people to use it only upto the extent a human would use it, but they probably didn't follow the advice.

Archived description

What is this for?

This is a script which works on - a website on which if you answer simple questions correctly, for each right answer they donate 10 grains of rice to poor and needy people around the world through the UN World Food Programme. It is endorsed by the UNF, so it has at least some credibility to it.

What does it do?

The script automatically answers questions on the site ( so that you can 'generate' rice for poor without spending time clicking answers (Though I recommend only the proper way of answering vocabulary questions, learning words and helping poor along with it) The script only works with their 'Multiplication Table' subject (Go to 'Subjects' , choose 'Multiplication Table' from all) right now, which should be what all you need because if you are auto-answering anyway, it doesn't matter how you do that.

How to install this?

If you are running Firefox browser, you should first install the add-on [GreaseMonkey](, restart the browser, and come back here and click the green 'Install' button on this script. If you are using Google Chrome, you don't need to do anything other than clicking the Install button above directly. (However, Chrome has reduced functionality)

Please remember a few important things before using the script :
  • Use the script only to an extent a human would answer in a day, otherwise you might be detected as a bot and probably end up giving no rice at all. You don't want this. Do you? As I said somewhere else, we want sustained feeding than fast feeding.
  • is still funded by the advertisements. Remember to disable your AdBlock Plus for this site, especially while answering questions. Also, watch those ads while the computer answers questions for you. :)
By default, the script will stop answering questions after answering 1000 of them. Between each answer, it takes a break of 5 seconds. You can change these values if you are running Firefox by going to GreaseMonkey Menu, 'User Script commands'. Note: I don't recommend reducing the time interval less than 5 seconds.


Version 1.5 [July 15th 2011] : Change script code to deal with the changed website code. :)