Better ToodleDo Slim

By Piyush Soni Last update Nov 1, 2010 — Installed 536 times.

Script Summary: The script keeps on refreshing your task lists(any of them) on your set frequency so that the updates from other Toodledo services are visible without you having to click the Refresh button on the toodledo Slim page/gadget. Also, corrects the 'ToodleDo Google Calendar gadget' to insert a scrollbar, which is missing by default right now.

Version: 3.0

You use Outlook, your Androids/iPhones, google gadgets, desktop apps and all other ways to sync with your ToodleDo tasks. But whenever a task is updated from any other service, your already open toodledo slim page/gadget doesn't know about it until refreshed manually.

Current features:

  • Keep the Toodledo tasks lists up-to-date without pressing the refresh button. The refresh frequency can be set by the ToodleDo slim Settings page!(You can set it to zero to disable it)
  • Installs a scrollbar in the Google Calendar ToodleDo gadget, which is currently missing - making it really very hard to see all tasks or add new ones.
  • Script will auto-update on your confirmation, once new version is published.
  • New! Now the script works in Chrome out of the box ! Though once you clear your system cookies, you will have to re-set the Refresh Interval.

As expected, the script doesn't auto refresh the page when you are adding/editing tasks(), changing the 'Settings' or managing lists which don't change that frequently (like Folders, Contexts etc.) I use Toodledo slim as a gmail gadget, in Firefox's sidebar(With Toodledo's official addon), in my mobile and as a standard webpage as well - and it's always auto synchronized with Outlook!


Version 3.0 - Oct. 9 2010
  • Support for Google Chrome! The scrollbar works as well.