LJ: Taglister

By Afuna Last update Jul 20, 2007 — Installed 1,965 times.

Script Summary: Fetch a taglist when you're updating your journal/editing entries

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Any problems/suggestions/comments please feel free to contact me. Usage notes:
  • now works with all journals. Thanks, ciaran_h -- you're awesome :D
  • cmd-clicking /ctrl-clicking on the tags will open the tagspage in a new tab
  • when expanded, the list shows all tags. When collapsed, it shows the top $n tags based on usage frequency, where $n is a number you define. If there are many tags tied for $nth place, it shows all of them. The top $n tags are bolded for emphasis; if you don't like it, you can get around this by setting $n to 0 or a negative number
  • there is no auto-complete, but tags that match what you type will be marked by a gray border. Also, clicking on a tag in the list should update the textbox
  • the tags list will show up in both when you update and edit. It will also automatically detect the journal you're posting to
Random notes:
  • I used to get the data from the tags management page, but now I'm parsing it from
  • was thinking of caching the tags, but then I remembered that GM has a problem with UTF-8 encoding, and I think that certain languages require UTF-8. Would rather not risk it
  • does not work with the script that restores the old update.bml appearance. Both of us move things around using javascript, so, um, yeah. Might be possible to integrate the two though
  • There is a hidden uglification setting built in which moves the icon to the bottom and removes music/location textfields. I've deliberately hidden it because I plan to use it, but I don't think anyone else would appreciate it
  • if anyone should want to grab any part of this and use it for any reason, say to merge with another script, then go ahead (do I even have to say that? Heh). However, if you discover any bugs when you take the code, please contact me so I can fix it as well
  • My code has been cleaned and debugged by Ciaran \o/
  • fixed bug where "&" were showing as "&" (thanks to turloughishere for pointing it out)
  • changed whitespace in the tag url to a '+', in keeping with the tag url conventions on LJ
  • there is no journal dropdown when you're logged out, so check whether it exists or not
  • remembers whether you have the tagslist expanded or not
  • reworked the code to use the journal's /tag/ page, so that it works on all journals (thanks so much to ciaran_h for the idea and the code!)
  • add a comma when there's none at the end to make sure that tags don't merge together
  • gray box around tags that match what you're typing; bolded the top $n tags
  • clicking on a tag will replace all text up to the last comma
  • redid the matching of tags and syncing of state between textbox and list. This fixed a few longstanding bugs and in general it should work much better now (Thanks so much to Ciaran who pretty much redid everything related to matching/syncing!)
  • change in logic for handling last item when it doesn't end in a comma: if you click on a matching tag from the list, it will replace the last item. If you click on a non-matching tag, it will end the current item with a comma, and append the clicked tag