Gmail Sound Notify

By Yansky Last update Aug 1, 2010 — Installed 4,930 times.

Script Summary: Plays a wav sound file to notify you when you receive new email in gmail.

Version: 1.1

Note: no longer updated. Try this script instead:

1.1 changes: switched over to a setInterval :(
1.0 changes: changed the inbox getter thingo (i think the href changed)
0.9.9 changes: Fixed a problem with non-english element titles.
0.9.8 changes: Regressed to the 0.9.6 version as 0.9.7 wasn't working for some reason.
0.9.7 changes: Script no longer relies on externally hosted sound file.
0.9.6 changes: Added google apps url to the included urls
0.9.5 changes: Fixed so still works if you leave gmail open on an individual email page.
0.9 changes: Redid the check to make sure viewing Inbox.
0.8 changes: Small glitch with previous change.
0.7 changes: Fixed it so doesn't play when you look at your spam folder.
0.6 changes: Made the script more efficient. Made it so the audio file is only downloaded once. Changed the hosting of the audio file to Changed the audio file to a wave because firefox was stuttering the playback of the ogg file. Added sizzlemctwizzle's autoupdater to notify if the script has been updated.
0.5 changes: I accidentally broke it in the previous update. Should be fixed now.
0.4 changes: fixed a glitch if there are no new messages onDomNodeInserted
0.3 changes: fixed a glitch if there are no new messages on page load 
0.2 changes: if more than one new email update occurs quickly(within 5 seconds), don't play the sound twice.