YouTube Video Download

By rossy! Last update Jan 10, 2013 — Installed 1,258,360 times.

Script Summary: Download videos from YouTube. Simple, lightweight and supports all formats, including WebM.

Version: 4.1.1

License: MIT License


Just click the Download button on any YouTube video to save it to your computer in the highest quality available or open the drop-down menu next to the button to choose from additional formats. YouTube Video Download lets you download anything from HD to mobile phone format video.

Most computers can play MP4 format video. To play FLV or WebM video, try [VLC](

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While this script has been designed to be as robust as possible, there have been some recent changes in YouTube's layout and the new script (version 4.0) might not be as stable as the old one. If you encounter a video that this script cannot download, please tell me about it.


This script has been translated into many languages so that the script's language can match the YouTube page's language. These include:

Arabic[Anas Abu-Haimed]( (Simplified)Louiz
Chinese (Traditional)Wang ZhengCzechjanwatzek
Indonesian[Bayu Aditya H](
JapaneseK-MKorean[Joonhyuk Song](
Polishlook997Portuguese (Brazil)Gandalf
Russianlmiol, АреопагитSerbiantitanicus

If you would like to help translate the script please create a account and send me a message or contact me on [GitHub](

Note that over the past year I took a break from working on the script, so there are a lot of messages about translations in my inbox. I am slowly working my way through them, but if you feel you have been ignored and would like to update your translation for version 4.0, please send me another message.


Q: When I click on the Download button there is no menu. What's going on?
A: This occurs when an error causes the script to crash. It can happen for a number of reasons, from YouTube updates, to incompatible extensions. Make sure you're running the latest version of your browser and the latest version of the script and tell me about the problem so I can fix it.

Q: I thought you said this script could download videos in 1080p. Why can't I see a 1080p download link?
A: 1080p downloads are only available for videos that were originally uploaded in HD. To test a 1080p download, try this video:

Title format reference

${title}The title of the video
${author}The YouTube channel that the video was downloaded from
${video_id}The unique ID of the video (the v= parameter in the watch URL ie.
${date}The full date that video was uploaded (YYYY-MM-DD)
${day}The day that video was uploaded
${month}The month that video was uploaded
${year}The year that video was uploaded
${itag}An internal number that YouTube uses to describe video formats
${width}The width of the video
${height}The height of the video
${container}The file format of the video (ie. FLV, MP4...)
${acodec}The audio codec (ie. AAC, Vorbis...)
${vcodec}The video codec (ie. H.264, VP8...)
${vprofile}The encoding profile (ie. High, Main, Baseline...)
${level}The encoding level (H.264 only)
${stereo3d}A boolean value determining whether the stream is from YouTube 3D. It can be used in a conditional statement like this ${stereo3d?" 3D":""}.