Better Amazon

By Stanley Phang Last update Apr 29, 2013 — Installed 93,819 times.

Script Summary: A package of enhancements to PRODUCT PAGES (EXCLUDING special products like KINDLES) of the popular Removes certain Ads, cleans the page, makes sections collapsible, adds Amazon Average Rating to the title, and packs lots of information into one screenful!


(In Chinese)❤致亲爱的中国用户❤

  • 亚马逊的商品页面信息丰富,但有时也让购物者不知所措,无法快速定位重要资讯。
  • 这个应用可以帮您去除无用信息,创造清爽产品界面,还能智能生成用户综合评分,让别的用户为您轻松决定当前商品是否值得尝试,帮助营造轻松至极的购物体验。

Current Features

  1. All features of the (somewhat) popular script 'Amazon Average Rating';
  2. Make sections collapsible to provide a cleaner environment;
  3. User's preferences of leaving some sections open is remembered;
  4. Remove or minimizes ads such as 'related services in the city', 'related external websites';
  5. Remove some fixed sections which are not very useful such as the Feedback section and the navigation footer;
  6. Decrease the width of and add gray background to full reviews so they are both easier to read and easier on the eyes.
  7. Compatible with:
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Google Chrome (No user customization options)
    • Opera (No user customization options)

How to Install in Opera

  1. Menu-->Settings-->Preferences-->Advanced-->Content and make sure JavaScript is enabled;
  2. Click `JavaScript Options...' and take a note of the `User JavaScript Folder';
  3. Download this user script file and save it in the folder noted;
  4. Enjoy!

Start Customizing (in Firefox)

Tools -> Greasemonkey -> User Script Commands -> Better Amazon...

Nota Bene

  1. The continued development of the script is supported by the Amazon Associate Program. Anyone who does not want this please feel free to modify the source. An easy way to disable the support for the development is to comment out the single line in the code containing 'udlks();', i.e. adding '//' in front of it thus changing it to '//udlks();', or just delete the line.
  2. This script has the 'Amazon Average Rating' feature built-in, users of that script are advised to uninstall it lest two Ratings appear in the title. Also note that for the most specialized product page, such as that of the Kindle, the script may not correctly behave on some sections because the structure of such page is totally different from others, and the author thinks there is no need to write special cases in the code just for this single product. Also, special thanks to Ben Hollis for his Collapsible Amazon script, based on which I overhauled my implementation.
  3. This script may over-optimize the page thus deleting some sections which are actually useful to some users occasionally, in the current implementation, such problems can be only circumvented by temporarily disable the script. Apology for the inconvenience. More flexibility will be added in the future releases to give the users more options and control.


v1.73: added support for customer Q&A;

v1.72: fixed 'product specifications' section;

v1.71: remove Q&A section;

v1.70: fixed bugs;

v1.69: fixed customer average rating with the new style design;

v1.68: fixed customer review section with the new style design;

v1.67: fixed issues with Opera; cleaned the code a bit;

v1.66: incorporated some blacklist items from mason2;

v1.65: remove eGift section;

v1.64: remove user highlights sections;

v1.63: restored support for Chrome and Opera;

v1.62: fixed some bugs;

v1.61: added support for Amazon instant video section;

v1.60: added sampling size information as represented by different font size of the average rating, the more reviews averaged over, the bigger the font; fixed some small bugs;

v1.58: added basic support for use in Opera browser; removed from window title the ` ' part which prevents short tabs from showing any meaningful information; corrected multiple firing behavior when iframes are present;

v1.56: added option to hide 'Kindle Edition' section (a deep green box below the `add to cart' box) and the default is to hide;

v1.55: added capability to move the sales rank part to just below the ratings;

v1.53: added basic support for use in Google's Chrome browser; fixed review formatting;

v1.51: fixed collapsing problems for some book pages;

v1.50: added collapsing support for box of formats (like different editions for books); Added option to turn on the section header triangle symbol, the default is off as the symbol sometimes adversely affect some layouts; removed the sell to amazon box on textbook pages; removed the kindle software for different platform box;

v1.48: added reformatting to the specific reviews page too; added a menu option through Greasemonkey to let the user choose whether to always collapse all sections;

v1.46: added capability of handling the 'more buying choice' box;

v1.45: added support for the new "Customers Also Bought Items By" section;

v1.44: added support for international sites;

v1.43: improved performance by removing some outdated code snippets;

v1.42: improved handling of certain product categories;

v1.40: corrected a small bug introduced in relocation of the ratings bar; small adjustments of presentation styles;

v1.35: now the script relocates the 'rating to improve recommendation' bar to just below the title bar, thus provides easy access to this very useful personalization feature;

v1.25: removed 'your recent history' on product pages; removed 'buy used' and 'more buying choices' boxes on the right since they are only duplications of information which is avaible as links just below the title; when loading a new page, the title is scrolled to the top of the viewing port so maximum useful information is in view;

v1.22: removed some Kindle related clutter, such as the banner and the `tell the publisher' box;

v1.20: added capabilities of handling multiple Amazon pages/tabs with improved logic so that when multiple Amazon pages are opened, the intuitive behavior of the script can be expected, i.e. the script will remember the user's preference on the last clicked page; increased font size of the rating;

v1.05: fixed a bug where the comments on reviews are hidden from view and added some other minor improvements;

v1.00: fixed a small bug of incorrectly collapsing items in the cart view page, and now only functions in product view pages; also, as the script has been tested by hundreds of users and proved to be stable and working (to a certain extent), it's high time to gave it a version bump before New Year comes!

v0.21: fixed some newly found bugs after extensive testing on all product categories after the previous big update;

v0.20: added capability of handling 'customer also bought' and similar sections; now remembers user's preferences of leaving some sections open; added capability of handling sections in boxes such as the 'your recent history' section; added simple formatting to full reviews so they are easier to read and also gray background to make them easier on the eyes; symbols are added before section titles to mark their collapsing status; some previously removed sections are now just collapsed;

v0.14: fixed bugs where product titles of DVDs and the average ratings thereof are incorrectly hidden from view

v0.13: remove the 'SoundUnwound' section on CD pages; collapse the artist store section on CD pages.

v0.12: add a little piece of code to remove ads section like 'Web Design Classes in Chicago' on the product page of a book about HTML and Web design.

v0.11: corrected some minor bugs caused by Amazon's inconsistency when dealing with different product categories.

v0.10: initial release.