Whirlpool Last Read - Cross-browser

By Yansky Last update Dec 20, 2010 — Installed 1,933 times.

Script Summary: Whirlpool Last Read - Cross-browser

Version: 1.1.7

Note: the cross-browser script has not been updated to work with the new site changes.

If anyone wants it to be updated, please post in the [WP+ thread](

Works in the following browsers (and above):
  • IE8 (with [IE7Pro]( installed)
  • Firefox 3.5.6
  • Chrome* (36714)
  • Opera 10.50 pre-alpha
  • Safari 4 (with [greasekit]( installed)
  • Safari 5 - download the extension version from [here]( - not up to date. WHIM me if you want this updated.
*Chrome users - you need to uninstall the current extension before you install an update.

1.1.7 changes - removed link to image on tristans server.
1.1.6 changes - Simon changed whirlcode.
1.1.5 changes - Eric!.
1.1.4 changed - opera gives me the shits.
1.1.3 changed - fixed quick-quote button.
1.1.2 changed - updated for anchor link changes on site.
1.1 changed - fixed clear post button. Added hide/show your user details on your userpage.
1.0 changed - fixed a bug with keyboard shortcuts to post (Ctrl+Enter)
0.9 changes - fixed a glitch on scripts first run.
0.8 changes - quick quote saved on multiple open tabs. Reply box width tweaked. Added a delay for Opera as the script would sometimes run too early.
0.7 changes - updated for reply url change
Note: If you already have the WP+ script running, then you don't need this script.