Better Loopy for YouTube

By Piyush Soni Last update Jun 23, 2014 — Installed 480,531 times.

Script Summary: The BEST plugin to automatically loop (repeat) YouTube videos - Full, or just a part of it, with loads of other features! Works seamlessly with Firefox 3.6.* and above, and Chrome as well ! Beware of cheap copies. :) *** SUPPORTS HTML5 VIDEOS, USER CHANNELS, AND THE NEW YOUTUBE LAYOUT! *** (For Chrome, install after installing TamperMonkey extension, or download and drag script on their Extensions page)


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Major Update! Better Loopy for YouTube 4!

The much awaited and requested feature - BLFY now supports HTML5 Videos!!! What's more?
  • Now Loop HTML5 videos as seamlessly as the Flash ones!
  • Works perfectly on all User channels!
  • Quickly set Loop start and end times by beautiful buttons! (other than pressing the 'Enter' key in the boxes, which was already there)
  • Increase or decrease the start/end time in the textboxes by pressing the left or right arrow keys!
  • Fix new problem with YouTube player in which sometimes it won't replay the video even after it 'begins' to do that.
  • Fix a rare issue with 'Sending a looped link'.
  • Option of hiding Better Loopy bar when not using.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Better Loopy for YouTube 3.5 !

New features! Now send link of a looped part of youtube videos to your friends (they must have Better Loopy installed)! Cosmic Panda support! Set a max limit on the number of times to loop a video ;). More coming !


If you are like many of us, you'd like to watch/listen to good music videos again and again. Unfortunately, YouTube lacks an auto repeat feature by default, and hence this script. It uses YouTube Player API to give you all the awesome features it has! It was once built over the old(and long dead) initiative 'Loopy for YouTube'( but has come to great extents since then, and adds numerous wonderful features for user's pleasure of an interruption less music listening!

So What's BETTER?
  • Of course, you can loop just a duration of a video besides looping it whole.
  • Shows a counter of how many times you have looped a video. (Hover your mouse on the 'Loop' button.)
  • Using this, you can also Auto Play all the YouTube videos on ANY webpage in the order they are present - on just a click of a button! (Explained below)..
  • Works in most of the YouTube layouts !!
  • It keeps itself updated, so that you don't have to bother doing that.
  • Works in Firefox 3.6.* to the latest versions(10+), and Google Chrome!
  • You can loop all videos by default(optional).
  • Works in YouTube's Pop-up, full screen mode!
  • YOU choose which features to enable!
  • Works on User channels!
  • Now you can send a "looped" video link to your friends! Isn't it awesome?
  • see this discussion for more features.

Looping part of a video

Besides the small 'Loop' button below the Youtube video to play it again and again (if you want only this, change from the settings), you will also find three text boxes below it. For looping a given video within only a specific time duration(you need that many times don't you?), just write the start time and end times in this format:


e.g. out of a 10 minutes video if you want to loop only its part from 1:32 to 8:46 you can do that. Just type these values in Start time, End time; OR (with BLFY 4!) press the 'Start'/'End' time buttons to set the current video time; OR (with BLFY!) just press the 'Enter' key to set the current video time in any of these boxes. If any of them is blank, the default start time is taken as zero and default end time is of course the end of video.

Play All YouTube videos on ANY Page

To enable auto playing of all the Youtube videos (linked or embedded!) present on any webpage of any website on just a click of a button with the help of this script, follow this really simple step:

Just open the settings dialog by pressing 'Better Loopy' link at the top of a YouTube video page (or just press Alt+M on it), and drag the link which says 'Play All' there to your Bookmarks toolbar!

Now, you can just press this newly created button on any page having youtube videos, and it should play them all in the correct order, one by one, automatically in YouTube!
For example,

If you see some youtube links on a webpage like this:

How to solve a Rubik's Cube:
[Youtube Link Part 1](
[Youtube Link Part 2](
[Youtube Link Part 3](
[Youtube Link Part 4](

Just press this button (you can try it on this page itself after installing the script and adding the button!) to see them all automatically in the same order.
If you want to skip any video from the list, just press the "Next>" link. The "next videos to be played" list is just a semi-colon separated list of youtube video IDs and you can add them manually too. For example, in the link, the video id is LcJ-y39GzzQ.

How to Install?

If you are running Firefox browser, you should first install the add-on [GreaseMonkey](, restart the browser, and come back here and click the green 'Install' button on this script. If you are using Google Chrome, you can install the GreaseMonkey equivalent for Chrome: TamperMonkey extension, and then install this script; or you can directly drag the script to the Extension page.

Buy me a cup of coffee!

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Version (current): 20th Oct 2013
  • [Feature] - Now, "Remember the loop" state and timings for any particular song/video on press of a button - and always get it repeat in the same fashion!
  • [YouTubeUpdateFix] - YouTube did some major changes again, semi-breaking the script. Fixed. Humff!
  • [Look&Feel] - The Loop Start and End buttons' appearance was broken again due to the above mentioned changes in YouTube. Fixed.
  • Made the script more reliable to load
  • [BugFix] - Other minor bug fixes
Version : 10th Jan 2013
  • [Look&Feel] - As usual, YouTube keeps changing their stuff, making this script look bad. Fixed the Loop buttons' appearance.
Version : 19th Dec 2012
  • [BugFix] - Important reliability fix so that it loops all kind of videos, all cases (hopefully :) ). Highly recommended to update.
  • [Look&Feel] - Some UI improvements (especially Chrome) & other customization(s).
Version : 11th Dec 2012
  • [YouTubeUpdateFix] - BLFY now works with the new (Oct. 2012) YouTube Layout as well as the old one!
  • [Look&Feel] - Make the old and new look consistent across browsers.
Version : 24th May 2012
  • [Feature][Look&Feel][BugFix] - Major Update! Supports HTML5 Videos now! See this discussion for other additions!
Version : 4th April 2012
  • [Look&Feel] - Add a visual indication in case the script won't work (for example on HTML5 version of YouTube.
Version : 3rd March 2012
  • [Feature] - Add a simple way to add 'Play All' bookmarklet.
  • [BugFix] - Pressing enter focuses on start time text box again.
Version : 3rd March 2012
  • [Feature] - Make Better Loopy work in User Channels!
  • [BugFix] - Little cosmetic fixes
Version : 19th January 2012
  • [Feature] - Make Better Loopy work on secure http video links
Version : 29th October 2011
  • [BugFix] - Make Better Loopy work on some pages it didn't work.
Version : 2nd September 2011
  • [BugFix] - Don't run multiple times (GM bug)
  • [Feature] - Prepare for next exciting features
Version : 30th August 2011
  • [Features][Look&Feel][BugFixes] - See this discussion for a list of changes.
Version : 3rd December 2010
  • [Features][Look&Feel][BugFixes] - Major Update! See this discussion for a list of changes.
Version 9th April 2010
  • [Feature]: Better Loopy for YouTube should now auto check for updates in every 7 days and notify when an updated version is available.
Version : 7th April 2010
  • [Look&Feel]: Loopy button for New youtube was detached from the YouTube player. Remove the empty space in between to make it attached to the player again.
Version : 7th April 2010
  • [BugFix] : Fixed a small bug in which looping times of x:08 and x:09 would loop only from/to x minutes.
Version 2.2.2 : 6th April 2010
  • [BugFix] : Fixed a bug in which disabling the duration loopy bar by making extensionEnabled = false would stop simple looping of videos (See changes for 2.2.1).
Version 2.2.1 : 1st April 2010
  • On users' request have a variable in the script, 'extensionEnabled', which can be turned to 'false' to disable the complete bar below the 'Loop' button.
Version 2.2 : 17th March 2010
  • [BugFix] : Better loopy had a bug in which if after setting some duration and pressing 'Set' if you forward the video, it wouldn't respect the End time. It is resolved now.
Version 2.1 : 16th March 2010
  • Change the placement of Loopy button and Duration panel only for new YouTube, so that other div's don't overlap it.
Version 2.0 : 14th March 2010
  • Make Better Loopy work with the [New YouTube]( design.
Version 1.9 : 12th March 2010
  • Add a counter to the 'Loop' button, which shows how many times the video has been looped. (Hover your mouse over it)


NOTE: I have taken good care that it will work as desired, but take no guarantee whatsoever that it will work and not blow away your computer. :) Hence, I cannot be held responsible for any damage to any file(s)/system(s)/machine(s) or yourself. Install at your own risk.


CDM - without his original simplistic work on 'Loopy for YouTube' which died in 2009, I would have never got an inspiration to work on a better version of it.