NEW Grooveshark Ad Remover

By itsjareds Last update Apr 30, 2011 — Installed 36,668 times.

Script Summary: Removes the side banner advertisements on Grooveshark. Works with both the Flash (Retro) and new HTML players.

Version: 2.0

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Update Jan 14, 2011: This script now works with both players!

Sorry for the delay on getting this ad remover working for the new HTML interface. I haven't had the time available to work on updating. Luckily, though, I had some free time over the weekend and I whipped up a script. Enjoy!

Update Dec 7, 2010: HTML Interface ad removal

Grooveshark implemented a new HTML interface for their client, so my script is redundant except for use on [Grooveshark Retro]( Thus, I will link linked to an already working script which removes ads wonderfully. No point in reinventing the wheel.

Update June 26, 2010: Had to adjust the script for changes to GS.

The script will not appear to work (the sidebar gets re-inserted), but once the player fully loads, the sidebar gets removed once again. I couldn't figure out the cause for the temporary re-insertion.

NEW Grooveshark Ad Remover is written for [](

This userscript removes the side banner advertisements on Grooveshark. Coding is based on this broken script, but I have adapted the script to Grooveshark's own updates. My script will remove the advertisements every time they are shown, instead of only removing them the first time the page is loaded.