By jesus2099 Last update Oct 24, 2013 — Installed 1,903 times.

Script Summary: Adds/fixes links to entity (pending) edits (if any); optionally adds links to associated artist(s) (pending) edits

Version: 2013.1024.1026

License: CC BY-NC-SA 3.0 FR (


In [](, a new (X pending edits) link now appears, right next to the View artist edits, if any edits are open or to be cancelled for this artist (including Various Artists special artist).

This feature was only partially added with [#4668]( / [MBS-104](

Fixes [MBS-3308]( ([MBS-3386]("Open edits" link not always displayed), [MBS-2298](“Open edits” link should share same styling as pending edit items, .

version history

  • 2013.1024.1026   NEW   + place open edits
  • 2013.0531.1828   NEW   + collection open edits
  • 2013.0531.1826   NEW   + area open edits
  • 2013.0405.1521   FIX   sometimes duplicate links
  • 2012.1114.1101   FIX   nothing in beta/test/etc. since those @match workarounds
  • 2012.1105.1108   FIX   @match unknown by Opera → matched all :/
  • 2012.1105.1024   FIX   doesn’t work for labels in /url/*
  • 2012.1105.1013   FIX   @include@match (tribute to [BrianFreud]( Editor %2395678)); doesn’t work for /url/*
  • 2012.1103.2336   FIX   var protection problem in FF (MeinDummy)
  • 2012.1026.1851   FIX   inconsistent pending colour display
  • 2012.1024.1505   NEW   big cleanup, only standard NGS display now; look out for your settings, they change a lot
  • 2012.1012.1736   FIX   https power unleashed
  • 2012.0913.1800   FIX   various artists inconsistency (hr + EditsEditing history)
  • 2012.0913.1750   NEW   reuseEditHistoryLinkintegrateSidebarEditingSection; dropped classic support
  • 2012.0912.1814   NEW   strike through the Open edits (0) link when 0 pending edits and reuseEditHistoryLink
  • 2012.0912.1750   NEW   [MBS-2298]( and [MBS-2298](; better reuseEditHistoryLink (Open edits)
  • 2012.0912.1640   NEW   @name/@version auto-update (FF); reuseEditHistoryLink still incomplete support
  • 2011-12-15_1228   FIX   new crash in release page
  • 2011-07-12_1111   FIX   javascript error on works merge
  • 2011-05-30_1102   FIX   500+ edits not highlighted
  • 2011-05-30_0052   ¬_¬   Relationship page enabled
  • 2011-05-27_1825   ¬_¬   Better visibility (NGS sidebar’s top) and more than 500 edits shown as 500+
  • 2011-05-27_1753   FIX   Script doesn’t work in NGS and test
  • 2011-04-14_1208   FIX   Release and track pending edit links don't show up for in Release Relationships page
  • 2011-04-13_1758   FIX   Track pending edits link doesn't show up for Various Artists releases
  • 2011-04-13_1139   NEW   Adding both release and tracks pending edit links (can be disabled in settings)
  • 2011-03-16_1147   FIX   Doesn't work for Various Artists (got idea from mchou's [IRC](
  • 2010-07-29_1713   FIX   Javascript error in /show/release/relationships.html page
  • 2010-07-12_1420   ¬_¬   No longer unnecessarily triggers in [NGS](
  • 2010-07-08_1716   FIX   1 pending edits typo
  • 2010-07-07_1509   NEW   The link now contains the pending edit count and is only displayed if any are found (settings allow old behaviour: always display link which can reduce page jumps)
  • 2010-07-07_1031   ¬_¬   More compact and visual. Renamed to Musicbrainz artist pending edits
  • 2009-05-25_0001   FIX   release-groups fix
  • 2009-02-09_0000   ^_^   Initial release of MusicBrainz Artist Open Edits


  • cache pending edit counts to make less requests and be ultra faster display !
  • currently only fixes MBS-3386 in artist and label pages
  • better entity selection in work pages (fallback from recordings to secondary primaries like live / instr / etc.)
  • [MBS-5090]( should be fix, find and check