Ebay Fusion

By Vy Ho Last update Mar 31, 2014 — Installed 24 times.

Script Summary: Greatly enhance your Ebay searching experience by showing the posting details in the same window as that of the listing. Provided simplified listing and also allowing the users to toggle back to normal view. Users can hide entries, show hidden entries, mark entries as favorites, view a list of marked favorite entries, bookmark search page.

Version: 1.8

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Ebay Fusion script Copyright (c) 2014 By Vy Ho

The script is now only supported in the Firefox addon form.
Please go to the Mozilla add-ons ite below to download the addon.
I do listen to your concern, so post your messsage in dicussion,
or message me for any question, suggestion, concern.
Thank you very much, and may the best be with you!

You can also download the Firefox version here:

[Firefox addon plugin version](

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 *  1.8
 *     - Updated layout to work better with "category" type listing
 *     - Added support for motor vehicle listing
 *  1.7
 *     - Temporary worked around Ebay's obstruction with iFrame
 *  1.6
 *     - Fixed serializer code
 *  1.5
 *     - Added code to unmark favorite directly in the listing page
 *  1.4
 *     - Added image to favorite when available
 *  1.3
 *     - Improved listing page (versus search result page), which has a bit different layout and also suggested items
 *  1.2
 *     - Addressed some layout deviations
 *     - Addressed some image links with text embedded in it
 *     - Fixed some posts URL without any params (? after)
 *  1.1
 *     - Fixed first time layout issue
 *  1.0
 *     - Mouse over to show details
 *     - Save restore detail window size and location
 *     - Link to toggle layout (top left corner)
 *     - Favorites
 *     - Bookmark links
 *     - Hide entries