MeFi Navigator

By matthewr Last update Jul 10, 2013 — Installed 18,804 times.

Script Summary: Navigate users' comments in Metafilter threads. Highlights comments by you and the original poster, and Metatalk comments by the admins.

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February 2013: with huge thanks to Jacalata for prompting me and actually supplying the edit, fixed an annoying bug where the back and forward links on admins' comments didn't work. Also, stopped adding the admin tag, as the site now adds a staff tag which seems to do the trick. You can turn this 'feature' back on by uncommenting all the lines/blocks which refer to mfn_admin.
June 2011: Fixed to work on Chrome (12.0).
December 2009: Fixed to work on AskMe again.
Archived discussion: [MetaTalk thread](
Mefi Navigator does a few things that make quickly navigating Metafilter threads a bit easier:

- Comment navigation. The « and » arrows allow you to quickly move through a user's comments, while the list icon ≡ shows you a clickable list of all his/her comments in the thread. At the top of the list, the ·< and >· links allow you to skip to a user's first and last comments respectively.

- Admin highlighting. Matt, Jessamyn, Cortex and pb's comments are highlighted with a small tag after their username, in Metatalk only.

- Original poster highlighting. Especially useful in AskMe threads, to quickly find questioners' responses.

- Highlights your comments. To find your username, the script reads the Metafilter 'user_name' cookie. (This all happens locally; there are no security or privacy risks here)
Works on Metafilter, AskMe, MetaTalk, and all other subsites. Works with both the default theme and the plain one. Works with any version of Firefox above 1.0.7. [Works]( on recent versions of Opera.
If you have any problems with the script, please email matthewr dot mefi at gmail dot com.