YouTube Enhancer

By GIJoe Last update May 28, 2012 — Installed 1,474,201 times.

Script Summary: Download Link + Quality Selector + Rollover Preview + Media Controller + Media Resizer + More...

Version: 2012.5.28

License: (CC) by-nc-sa

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WARNING: GreaseMonkey 0.9.19 is broken, don't use it !

Annoyed by the Update check popup ?
Read the Update check FAQ.

Problem on Firefox with buffering or using the media controller ?
Try to disable the plugin-container (see [here](

Using HTTPS Everywhere ?
Don't forget to disable HTTPS for

Feature request, help request and bug report must be posted in the YouTube Enhancer discussions forum.
Lastest update notifications are in the last page of the Updates topic.
Don't forget to review my script.
Note: This script shows some Unicode characters and use Canvas.
Flashblock user: Don't forget to put the youtube url in the white-list.
Work with YouTube PlayList.
Work with the [Feather Layout](
- Firefox 3.0.x and 3.5.x don't support linear-gradient...
  You can set "Others" -> "Use background image for buttons" for a better look.
- Opera don't support linear-gradient
Tested on:  [Firefox]( 3.6.17, 4.0.1
Tested on:  [SeaMonkey]( 2.0.4 (with a patch)
Tested on:  [Opera]( 11
Works on: Flock
Works on: Google Chrome (uninstall the old script before updating)
Works on: Chromium
Unknow: Safari
Supported languages from youtube setting: English, Français, Italiano, German, Spanish, Portuguese,
Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Dutch, Swedish, Polish, Russian.
Supported language from browser setting: Arabic.
Update Check:
In the General Options :
 ⊕ Check YouTube Enhancer update every... : Disable the updater / set the interval of update check
 ⊕ Visit link mode : "direct link" or "open in tab"

FAQ about the Update Check
Options & Download:
Push the button left of the download link to open up the options menu.
To download the video:
-Click the right of the download link to copy the cleaned filename (use Ctrl-C)
-Then click on the download link and paste the cleaned filename in the "Save as" box (use Ctrl-V)

 ➢ Quality 1: The download link points to the video you are viewing.
 ➢ Quality 2: The download link points to the better quality .flv or .mp4 video.
 ➢ Quality 3: The download link tries to point to the .mp4 video
               (if you only get a blank page, then there's no .mp4 video)

 ➢ Autoplay off
 ➢ Autoplay off with buffering
 ➢ Autoplay on

 ➢ General Options

Note: if you want to know the value of a color, you can use this [color picker](

Note: Some Multimedia Plugins can block the download. Disable these to solve the problem.

Quality selector, Youtube Player Resizing & Turn Off The Light:
Under the player, select the quality you want to view.
In brown: The quality of the video you have selected. (all links change to view this quality)
In blue:  The quality of the video is available.
In black: The quality of the video may not be available.
In bold:  The quality of the video you are viewing.

Resizing in the Beta Channel:

When you turn off the light...

If the YouTube Bar does not hide, try to change wmode to "Opaque" in the General Options.
Rollover Preview:
Move the mouse cursor over a preview image to see the 2 others images.
Media Controller (Left to right):
 ☯ Stop: Pause and go to the beginning of the video.
 ☯ Step back: Go backward to the nearest video keyframe and pause.
 ☯ Step forward: Go to the next frame and pause.
 ☯ Play: Play the video. (Revive it if it was killed)
 ☯ Pause: Pause the video.

 ☯ Begin: Set the beginning of the selection (back to the nearest video anchor).
 ☯ Loop: Loop the selection. (with infinite buffering detection at end of the video)
 ☯ Rewind: Go to the start of the selection (or the video).
 ☯ End: Set the end of the selection.

 ☯ Kill: Double click to kill the netstream and the player.

 ☯ Embed link.
 ☯ Fullscreen link.

Note: if you have "An error occurred, please try again later", you can try to double click
on the kill button, and click on the play button to start the video.

General Options:
 ✱Default button for 4/3 video size:
   Set "Media Resizer" => "Default button for 4/3 video" to a new value.
 ✱Default button for wide video size:
   Set "Media Resizer" => "Default button for wide video" to a new value.
 ✱Getting all the Quality mode a video can have:
   Set "Quality Selector" => "Try to retrieve other available video quality" to "Complete".
 ✱Show High Quality video by default:
   Set "Quality Selector" => "Press the HQ/HD button at start" to "Enabled".
 ✱Waiting to view the tab to start the video:
   Set "Media Controller" => "Select the wmode to use" to "Opaque" ( or "Transparent" )
 ✱Keyboard shortcut:
   Set "Shortcut" => "Keyboard Control" to "Enabled".
   Default shortcuts:
     L: Light off
     S: Stop
     D: Step Back
     F: Step Forward
     G: Play / Revive (think "Go")
     H: Pause (think "Halt")
     K: Kill / Eject (need a double press)
     X: Start
     C: Loop (think "Circle")
     V: Rewind
     B: End
     NUMPAD_0: Scroll to video
     NUMPAD_.: Scroll back
     NUMPAD_1: Video display: Collapse
     NUMPAD_2: Video display: Wide
     NUMPAD_3: Video display: 4/3
 ✱Bypass age censor without logging:
   Set "Misc" => "Bypass Age Censor without logging" to "Enabled".
 ✱Disabling search in a new tab:
   Set "Misc" => "Search results go in a new page" to "Disabled".

Media Controller can work on external site if you add it in the GreaseMonkey Included Pages.
To include all sites, just add http://*