By Bjorn Stromberg Last update Feb 4, 2013 — Installed 446,329 times.

Script Summary: Want to download MP3s from Tumblr? Tumtaster creates handy links so you can do just that.

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MAJOR UPDATE @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@

For those of you who use Google Chrome, I converted TumTaster into a Chrome Extension located at It has all the functionality of the greasemonkey version, plus it keeps tracks of the MP3s that you've seen on tumblr and lets you play them in the background while you go through your dashboard. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

[Get TumTaster for Google Chrome here](

Just a note for those of you who's browsers automatically play MP3s and you don't get prompted to download, this is not a script problem. Quicktime has registered itself in your browser and you need to tell it to back off. Check out this page for [instructions on disabling quicktime's mp3 player](

UPDATE #11 2010-08-23: Fixed layout issue with album covers, updated icon and it now fixes pagination for /show/audio pages.
UPDATE #10 2010-02-02: Fixed for Google Chrome by removing support for
UPDATE #9 2010-01-03: Added support for endless scrolling
UPDATE #8 2009-10-07: Minor cosmetic fixes to match Tumblr's current style
UPDATE #7 2009-05-11: Added support for
UPDATE #6 2008-12-14: Added support for
UPDATE #5 2008-07-16: Fixed a bug where black players were not getting the proper links
UPDATE #4 2008-07-11: Fixed a bug where grey players were not getting the proper links
UPDATE #3 2008-07-09: Fixed the script to not create download links for videos
UPDATE #2 2008-07-09: Updated the styles for all different color players and externally hosted CSS
UPDATE #1 2008-07-09: Added the Tumblr icon to the link.