WaniKani Markdown Notes

By Jeshua Morrissey Last update Jan 23, 2014 — Installed 9 times.

Script Summary: Allows you to write Markdown in the notes, which will be rendered as HTML when the page loads.

Version: 1.2

Copyright: 2013, Jeshua

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WaniKani Markdown Notes

Although the notes feature recently implemented is very useful, having only plain text can make it difficult to put anything meaningful in the notes. It would be very useful to even just have bold text in the notes.

But now, you can!

This script gives you all of the power of markdown in your notes. For a reference, see [here]( for a full reference of the syntax. Markdown allows you to make text bold, italic, insert links and insert pictures, all into notes.


  1. Install [Tapermonkey]( on Chrome or [Greasemonkey]( on Firefox.
  2. Install the script from here.


When you edit a script, use some of the markup syntax listed below. When you save the comment, it will be rendered as HTML. Currently this works in reviews and on the individual item pages.

Markup Summary

The following is a summary of the markup you can use within notes.

  • **text**text
  • __text__text
  • *text*text
  • _text_text
  • [Link Text]( → [Link Text](
  • ![Alternate Text](image_url) → (Display image_url)

Although there is more markup within Markdown, newlines are not allowed in notes, so you can’t use most of it.

Custom Markdown

In addition to this, I have included the ability to mark various parts of the text as kanji/vocab/radical/reading, just like during reviews and on item detail pages. They are as follows:

  • #kan#Kanji#/kan# → Kanji, but will be pink.
  • #rad#Radical#/rad# → Radical, but will be blue.
  • #voc#Vocabulary#/voc# → Vocabulary, but will be purple.
  • #read#Reading#/read# → Reading, but will be black.


Tested and works on:

  • Chrome 31.0.1650.57 (with Tapermonkey 3.5.3630.77).
  • Firefox 25.0.1 (with Greasemonkey 1.12).

Known Issues

  • If you click in the text area while editing a note, it may reset to the original contents.

Version History


  • Fixed bug where only the first occurrence of each custom tag was being replaced.


To produce the following, just type the following:

  • This is a custom note. It has some **markdown** in it. And some #kan#custom#/kan# #rad#markup#/rad#.

Screenshot 1