WME Color Highlights City

By AlexN-114 Last update Jan 23, 2014 — Installed 193 times.

Script Summary: Adds colours to road segments to show their status (and also check city names)


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It is a fork of the WME Highlighter of TimBones with an additional feature to check if the entry of the city field is correct. Now we have lists of correct city names for Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Liechtenstein.
New: Norway, Australia, France

New in version:
Colored Restrictions (purple dashed)
green and blue landmarks are darker, if they have no city

New in version:
A new view with shows the droven speed on a segment.
Colors are slow-red to middle-blue and yellow/green for fast. Black is for no speed-info.

New in version:
Nodes with only one connected segment are show with a blue circle. If this is on a road, you can assume there is no connection between the roads. This feature is switched together with "Unterminated roads".

New in version:
Some changes in the inner structure, so it will work again with FireFox with a version >= 25.

New in version:
Check for correct road name typing. For Austria, Germany and Switzerland road names are checked for some misstypes. This feature is enabled with "Check Name", which replaces "No Street"

New in version: /
Since version the script consists of two pieces of code. A loader which handles the city-lists and loads the higjlighter and the highlighter itself. Now the loader is changed so that it loads the newest script whithout the necessity of manual update. This is the reason for version 2.0. New to the highlighter is that landmarks are shown red, when it fits to the seleced country and "Filter by country" is selected.