Large Scam Filter

By equazcion Last update May 17, 2014 — Installed 5,862 times.

Script Summary: Filters out scam scripts at Over 800 known scam & spam accounts blocked, plus source code scanning for unknown authors. Also adds an option for continuous single-page Userscript results.

Version: 5.33

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Description currently contains over 2,000 scam scripts.

There is currently no way to report scam scripts and have them officially removed. Scam Filter attempts to do the next best thing by detecting them for you.

Scam Filter checks script authors against a list of over 800 known scam, spam & copycat authors.
For unknown authors, Scam Filter scans each script's code for known scam patterns. Likely scams are then hidden. The filter works when you browse or search the script list. A toggle link is provided to re-display hidden scripts.

Most of the "Facebook Auto Like" scripts are scams.
So are "Auto Suggest" and "Get Followers" scripts. If you install them, they cause YOU to like pages the script author is trying to promote, instead of getting likes FOR you. To make matters worse, many Facebook scam scripts say they are for other websites, but use your Facebook account without your knowledge.

Authors of highly suspicious and useless scripts are included.
Scam Filter blocks authors who post blank scripts, suspicious scripts (eg. scripts that contain hidden code), and copies of other people's scripts (usually modified to include spam links). It also blocks accounts that haven't posted any scripts (yet) but are clearly operated by scammers and spammers.

Scam authors periodically "update" their scripts in order to keep them near the top of the list (some do this many times per day). Don't blindly trust reviews either: Scam authors post positive reviews for each other, and use phony accounts to post further positive reviews of their own scripts.
Note that scripts that submit specific names or mobile numbers are blocked as highly suspicious, though they are not confirmed scams (testing would require an India-based mobile phone, which I don't have).


  • Pattern Scan checks for scam patterns in code from unknown authors, while a large blacklist filters out scripts from known scammers and other unwanteds.
  • Scripts that contain hidden code that can not verified are also blocked as scams.
  • A toggle link is provided, along with a count of the number of suspected scams detected on the current page.
  • Scam tags are shown when you choose to show suspected scams using the toggle link.
  • Your toggle setting is saved locally, so it will persist across pages and sessions.
  • Continuous Scroll loads more results dynamically when you hit the bottom of a page. Enable via Settings.
  • Update Check notifies you of Filter updates.


Scammers will post negative reviews for this script. After all, I'm ruining their scams.
If you like this script, please help keep its rating fair by posting a positive review.

Report bugs, undetected scams, and false-positives via this script's discussion forum.
If you're interested in details about this script's progress, see Update Details.

Works With

Mozilla Firefox with Greasemonkey or Scriptish
Google Chrome with Tampermonkey
Apple Safari with NinjaKit
Opera with Violentmonkey
Chrome/Tampermonkey Note
Duplicate scripts are sometimes installed during updates. If you experience unexpected behavior, check to see that you only have ONE copy of Scam Filter installed. If you have multiples, uninstall all older versions, leaving only the newest.

Alternate Versions

Version History

See Update Details for more version information.
  • 5.32: Should be working via now.
  • 5.31.8: Added scam authors, patterns, and whitelist authors to fix false-positives.
  • 5.31: Added filter version to cache data to make sure filter updates rescan previously cached results.
  • 5.3: Added new scam pattern, added a couple of false positives to the whitelist that were reported in forums.
  • 5.2: Added error check to handle recent errors in Continuous Mode, continues retrying data fetch if error occurs.
  • 5.06: Fixed "undefined" author name/ID display in certain scenarios.
  • 5.04: Added author name and ID display when scams are shown. "Reason" hover effect removed for blacklisted scammers, whose status now displays statically.
  • 5.03: More intuitive Continuous Mode: Fetches more results if too many were hidden, without the need to scroll down.
  • 5.01: Fixed some initial freezing issues and Chrome display glitches in Continuous Scroll mode.
  • 5.0: Added the option to scroll down continuously, with more results added dynamically (the way Facebook does). This is off by default, but try it via Settings. May still contain bugs. Converted most data storage from cookies to GM storage. Removed setting for disabling Pattern Scan, as I think it's now useless and confusing.
  • 4.1: Bandwidth usage reduced drastically: Pattern Scan results are now cached locally in your browser. A script's code will only be retrieved if the script has changed since the last time it appeared in your search or browse results.
  • 4.0: scam and spam patterns added. Now proceeds automatically to the next page of results if all on the current page were hidden. Filter now runs when listing resulted from a tag click (thanks Maik L. and Compuitguy).
  • 3.9: Added options to disable pattern scanning and/or update checking.
  • 3.8: Scripts are now also checked and warnings added when you're on their individual pages (any tab).
  • 3.7: Fixed bug that prevented author determination for scripts with very long titles.
  • 3.6: Safari with NinjaKit now supported.
  • 3.5: Reduced bandwidth usage considerably. Expanded blacklist to over 300 known scammers. Some efficiency tweaks and bug fixes.
  • 3.2: Several bug fixes and reliability enhancements. Fixed toggle behavior during scanning. Filter now runs on sorted lists/searches, and when browsing via HTTPS. Expanded scam author blacklist to over 200 known scammers. Added new scam patterns. Added whitelist to handle known false-positives. Clarified code readability further for transparency.
  • 3.1: Started scanning for scam patterns, which seem to be the second most prominent scam type on Added more scam patterns and fleshed out the list of known scammers.
  • 3.0: In addition to code scanning, Scam Filter now filters out certain authors' scripts based on a list of known scammers. Displays "working" and "done" to show when the filter is finished tagging/hiding scams.
  • 2.8: More efficient code scanning, blocked a new scam pattern.
  • 2.7: Reason for detection now shows only upon hovering the mouse over a scam script. Update notification tooltip shows installed & latest version numbers.
  • 2.6: Now checks for updates automatically. Bug that prevented toggle link display in search listings fixed.
  • 2.5: Scripts with "Packer" obfuscated code now detected and blocked. Short explanation of detection type added to warning (when toggle is set to display scams).
  • 2.0: Now uses Ajax to search actual script code, for more reliable scam detection.
  • 1.0: A simple title search filters out Facebook Auto[...] scripts.