WME Junction Angle info

By Michael Wikberg Last update Mar 26, 2014 — Installed 4,002 times.

Script Summary: Show the angle between two selected (and connected) segments.

Version: 1.5.9

Copyright: 2013 Michael Wikberg <[email protected]>

License: CC-BY-NC-SA

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Waze Map Editor (WME) addon to help with junction design. If two connected segments are selected, it shows the junction angle. The most recent development version is remote on GitHub. I'll update userscripts version when there is "enough" changes to warrant a release.

Compatibility: Firefox (with Greasemonkey), Chrome (with Tampermonkey)

New: Chrome (Chromium) extension available @
Firefox extension available @

1.5.8 Updates for new WME by several contributors (sorry if I missed someone); Paweł Pyrczak (tkr85), AlanOfTheBerg, berestovskyy
1.5.7 Remove 2 (of 4) Firefox extension validation warnings AlanOfTheBerg
1.5.6 Fixed URL detection to run script on localized editor also.
1.5.5 Fixed layer selection div size (now the junction angles layer should always be visible in the list)
1.5.4 Added new editor URLs
1.5 "Undefined reference on 'a2'" in debug mode #10 (thanks to bensmithurst)
Misc small fixes
1.4 Misc bugfixes
1.2 Fixes:
"0" angles show empty label enhancement
Markers should not be displayed on zoom levels where the segments are not visible invalid
Marker distance should be dependent on zoom level enhancement
Script stops working if a segment is deleted bug
1.0 Show the "turn angle" in green if two connected segments are selected
0.4 Show all junction angles in the map itself
0.3 Fix calculation of angles larger than 180°
0.2 Add handlers to "mouse up" event, so that angle is updated while editing a segment
0.1 First release