WME Roundabout Angles

By davipt Last update Jan 7, 2013 — Installed 2,621 times.

Script Summary: Provides roundabout angles and landmarks when a node is selected

Version: 0.2-201301071100


Updated greasemonkey bootstrap to support Chrome and Tampermonkey according to and


First version based on the good work of the other existing scripts. Use at your own risk and please provide feedback.

- Select a roundabout node, then on the left side there are two buttons, one to draw the roundabout junction landmark, the other to draw the road instructions angles.

- if drawing the landmark does not produce a clean round landmark, some segments are probably incorrect. Please certify all segments are at the same level, all segments are A->B, and all nodes are q-w'ed.
- to invert a B-A segment, create a new segment starting or ending at the middle of the roundabout segment in question, delete the new segment, click on the node and delete it. Select the roundabout segment again and ensure it is A->B. If not, undo and repeat until the A->B is correct.

- after drawing the roundabout angles, undo the creation of it, as the landmark should not be saved and can't even be saved, on purpose. If the landmark is not undo, further edits will fail to save.
- the roundabout angles will show the kind of instruction given when entering the selected node. The node ahead will say "straight ahead", the left and right nodes will say the corresponding "turn left/turn right".
- due to approximations on the roundabout centroid and the angles, it's not guaranteed that a node at the extreme of the angle will really say the right instruction. Keep the node more centered just in case.
- if the drawing of the roundabout angles is too far away from the visible center of the roundabout, ensure the roundabout is correct. See above.

- don't draw angles if there are more than 4 segments connected, as the instructions "straight ahead/turn left/turn right" only applies to roundabouts with two to four segments.
- draw the angles in a better way than creating a landmark.